BBC Fantasy Drama ‘Atlantis’ Comes to the US This November, Has Already Been Renewed for Series 2

Fantasy adventure drama Atlantis has been recommissioned for second series by the BBC, well ahead of its premiere here in the US. This isn’t that surprising, though, as Atlantis was the biggest new Saturday night drama series launch across all BBC channels when it premiered in the UK this Fall. Makes sense that the BBC would re-up it before it had even finished airing its first run.

The series, which is produced by Merlin co-creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps, follows the adventures of Jason (Jack Donnelly), a young Greek hero who arrives on the mysterious island of Atlantis. Along with his new friends Hercules (Mark Addy) and Pythagoras (Robert Emms), they battle against some of the most famous names in Greek legend, while Jason searches for the secrets of his destiny. All three main actors will be returning for the second season, along with Jemima Rooper, Aiysha Hart, Sarah Parish, and Juliet Stevenson.

American audiences will get their first chance to see Atlantis this November, as the series will premiere on BBC America on November 23. Read on for more details.

Brit TV Preview: Watch the Trailer for BBC's New Fantasy Drama 'Atlantis'

The first preview has been released for the highly anticipated new BBC fantasy series Atlantis, which is set to premiere on both sides of the pond later this year.

The drama is meant to be a replacement of sorts for popular sci-fi/fantasy drama Merlin which wrapped up last year and is headed by the same creative duo of Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. While the streets of a mysterious lost city seem a far cry from the forests of Camelot, the trailer does have a similar feel – complete with mysterious prophecies, proclamations of destiny, fantastical monsters and a main character duo comprised of a strapping young hero and his occasionally goofy sidekick.

Basically this kind of looks like Merlin, but with Greek myths instead of Arthurian legend. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Watch the first trailer for Atlantis below and judge for yourself.