The 'Gangs of London' Season 2 Trailer Depicts a Violent Power Struggle

Sope Dirisu in "Gangs of London" (Photo: AMC Networks)

Sope Dirisu as Elliot Finch - Gangs of London _ Season 2 - Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/AMC

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AMC Networks has officially set a date for the acclaimed crime drama Gangs of London's return. The eight-part second season of the popular, uber-violent series will arrive exclusively on the streaming platform AMC+ on Thursday, November 17. 

Loosely based on the 2006 video game of the same name, the series explores how various international criminal organizations within London fight amongst themselves behind the scenes for power and control. The first season focused on the fallout from a high-profile gang assassination, depicting the rush to fill the power vacuum left behind by Finn Wallace, the investigation into who ordered the hit, and the impact of his death on the crime family he once headed.

The Season 2 trailer promises a battle for the very soul of London. Bursting with blood, gunfire, and artistically framed shots of men screaming, the clip sees friends and foes teaming up and betraying one another in a desperate scramble for control. The second season picks up a year after the dramatic events of Season 1, with the London underworld in shambles. The Wallaces are in disarray after the murder of Finn's son and presumed heir Sean, and the ex-undercover cop (Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù) sent to infiltrate their organization has been abandoned by both the Wallaces and the police he once served.

Elliot Finch is now forced to work for the Investors, one of the many (seemingly endless) criminal works working on the shadier side of London's streets. But if the trailer is anything to go by, he's also being set on a dangerous collision course with a brutal newcomer named Koba, even as Marian Wallace lurks in the background, insisting that the city belongs to her family. Who will win the battle for the city's future?


Cast members returning alongside Dìrísù include Paapa Essiedu (Anne Boleyn), Lucian Msamati (Game of Thrones), Michelle Fairley (The White Princess), Orli Shuka (Save Me), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Sick Note), Brian Vernel (The Last Kingdom), Narges Rashidi (Under the Shadow), Asif Raza (Khalish), and Valene Kane (The Fall). New faces include Waleed Zuaiter (The Spy), Fady El-Sayed (A Private War), Salem Kali (Dealer), Aymen Hamdouchi (Criminal: UK), and newcomer French rapper Jasmine Armando.

The show currently stands as one of AMC+'s most successful series to date, and expectations for its second are similarly high, particularly given the reports that Season 2 is "bigger and better and more bloody, and more exciting than ever before." 

Gangs of London Season 2 will premiere on AMC+ with two new episodes on Thursday, November 17, with new installments to follow weekly. 

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