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The Best of Red Nose Day 2013: The Office, The Vicar of Dibley and More!

The BBC’s annual Red Nose Day charity telethon to benefit Comic Relief took place yesterday (March 15) and, just like every year, there were many hilarious gags and skits featured, all for a good cause. While my favorite Red Nose Day sketch of recent years is still probably the amazing Uptown Downstairs Abbey, there were some real winners this time around as well, most notably the returns of both The Office and The Vicar of Dibley, and a particularly hilarious mashup of Call the Midwife and Doctor Who.

Watch clips from my three favorite bits under the jump.

The Office’s David Brent Returns For a Good Cause

For the many people who love British comedy, The Office is often awarded a spot on their top ten lists of favorite programs (oh, let’s be real, for most of us it’s probably top five). While many of us also love the American remake of The Office, the US version has nothing on the awesomeness of the British original. Sadly the UK version only ran for two series originally, and it’s been ten years since we’ve seen David Brent (the original Michael Scott) and company on our screens.

Luckily, that wait is apparently over. Star Ricky Gervais has confirmed that he will be reprising his most famous role for this year’s Comic Relief on BBC One. The character will return in a special “mini-episode” called The Office Revisited for Comic Relief’s annual Red Nose Day charity telethon next week on March 15.

Amazing Internet Things: The Office Meets The Hobbit

Apologies for my slight absence around here – yours truly’s been laid up with the flu. Downside: It’s gross. Upside: I’ve had a lot of time to look at random things on the internet, one of the more interesting of which is below.

This is one of those Amazing Internet Things that’s simultaneously awesome and sort of really creepy – so, sort of, the internet, in a nutshell, at times.

Long before Martin Freeman played the world’s most famous crime-solving sidekick on Sherlock, he was known for starring as the put-upon but loveable Tim Canterbury on the original UK version of The Office. (If you’ve never seen the UK version of this series – for shame! –Tim is the equivalent of Jim in the American adaptation.) Given his recent turn as Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, this mash-up should probably not be entirely unexpected. The real surprise it’s probably that it’s taken this long.