Foyle's War

Michael Kitchen Returns in a New Season of ‘Foyle’s War’

Get excited, mystery fans – an all new season of Foyle’s War is headed our way!

Star Michael Kitchen is back as Senior Intelligence Officer Christopher Foyle, along with Honeysuckle Weeks as his loyal assistant Samantha Stewart (now Wainwright), who is still struggling to balance her life working with Foyle and her life at home with her husband Adam.. Other returning cast members include Daniel Weyman as Adam Wainwright, Ellie Haddington as Hilda Pierce, Tim McMullan as Valentine and Rupert Vansittart as Sir Alec Meyerson.

‘Foyle’s War’ to Return for Another Season!

Good news, mystery fans – Foyle’s War will return!

ITV, Acorn Productions and Eleventh Hour Films have commissioned an additional three feature-length episodes of the popular period crime drama.

Michael Kitchen will return as scrupulous widower Christopher Foyle, now a Senior Intelligence Officer with MI-5. Honeysuckle Weeks will also be back as Foyle’s loyal sidekick Samantha Stewart. The new season will once again be written by novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz.

The most recent series – which aired on Masterpiece Mystery this past Fall – was set immediately after the war, but the three upcoming episodes will focus more squarely on the Cold War and are inspired by real events.

Catch Up on 'Foyle’s War' in Six Minutes or Less

Curious about all the buzz surrounding mystery series Foyle’s War? The drama, starring Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks, returns with new episodes beginning September 15 on Masterpiece Mystery. Given that this is the first bit of new Foyle’s War we’ve seen in somewhere around three years – and the fact that we all basically thought the series was never going to return at all – fans are justifiably excited.

The official Foyle’s War website, run by Acorn Media – who is one of the parties responsible for bringing the show back for another go ‘round, along with ITV and Eleventh Hour Films – has put together a crash course in all things Foyle’s that should catch you up with the basics of the show in time to tune in to the Mystery premiere on Sunday. Or just refresh your memory if you’ve gone a bit hazy about what’s previously happened on the show.

'Foyle's War' Returns This September: Have a Look at the First PBS Preview

New episodes of popular mystery series Foyle’s War will premiere on Masterpiece Mystery beginning September 15. The three new two-hour installments – the first in three years - are called The Eternity Ring, The Cage and Sunflower. This new season will chronicle the further adventures of Christopher Foyle, now a Senior Intelligence Officer with MI-5 as he gathers secret intelligence in support of Britain’s security, as the country transitions from World War to Cold War.

Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks are both back as Foyle and his loyal assistant Samantha Stewart – and, as significant things have changed in both their lives, their working relationship will also undergo some shifts. Particularly when Samantha ends up photographed with a suspected Russian agent in the first episode. Dun dun dunnnn…

Only a few weeks to go until we can see the new episodes for ourselves. In the meantime, console yourself with this brand new PBS trailer, which contains a couple snippets of new footage.

Foyle's War to Return to Masterpiece Mystery in September!

It’s official: Foyle’s War will be back on PBS stations this Fall as part of the new season of Masterpiece Mystery!

Both Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks are back for a new series of three feature-length episodes, set during the early years following World War II. The first episode is called The Eternity Ring and will premiere on September 15, followed by The Cage (September 22) and Sunflower (September 29).

Even though Foyle technically “retired” at the end of the last series, retirement is obviously short-lived, as he’s now a Senior Intelligence Officer with MI-5 and must track down spies, traitors, Communist sympathizers and other threats to Britain’s security.

Other things have changed as well: Foyle’s loyal assistant Samantha Stewart is now a married woman juggling her new role as a wife with her own burgeoning political career. And of course she’s going to have to figure out a way to fit working with Foyle in there, too, somehow.

Watch the ITV trailer for the new season below and put a big red circle around September 15 on your calendar.

Get Your First Look at the New Foyle's War

Popular mystery series Foyle’s War is returning with new episodes for the first time in three years and fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the chance to see stars Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks back in action again.

The new season will be comprised of three new feature-length episodes, the first of which is apparently called The Eternity Ring. The trailer for the new series of Foyle’s War has just been released by ITV, giving us our first real look at footage from the new episodes as well as a sense of what the show will be like now that Christopher Foyle has become a Senior Intelligence Officer for MI-5.

This trailer is, quite frankly, awesome. And just judging from what we can see in this minute-long clip, it doesn’t look as though the drama is going to have any problems transitioning to a post-war setting.

Go Behind the Scenes on the New Series of Foyle’s War (Including a Look at Some New Footage!)

Popular mystery series Foyle’s War will return to Masterpiece this summer with its first new episodes in three years and fans everywhere are understandably quite excited.

That excitement is likely to increase significantly now that we can finally get out first look at the highly anticipated new season for ourselves. A brand new behind-the-scenes featurette has been released that tells us a great deal about the show and how it came together and – probably most importantly – there’s a great deal of new footage interspersed amongst the interviews. It’s certainly enough that we can all begin to get a feel for what Foyle’s War will be like now that the show has shifted its focus to espionage and spycraft in post-war Britain.

'Foyle’s War' Set to Return to Masterpiece in 2013!

Good news for mystery fans – it’s official: three new feature-length episodes of Foyle’s War will air on Masterpiece in 2013! Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks are both set to return for Series 7 as Christopher Foyle (now a Senior Intelligence Officer) and his assistant Samantha Stewart, and filming is already underway in Ireland.

It’s been three years since the last time we saw new episodes of Foyle’s War. Originally, the series was set during World War II, as then-Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle battled domestic crime in the English countryside, though often with a war-related theme (German POWs, locals and American troops not getting along, etc.). The conclusion of the war makes a few shifts in the structure of the show for the new episodes necessary as well.

"World War II may be over, but Christopher Foyle's war against injustice and wrong-doing rages on," says Masterpiece executive producer Rebecca Eaton. "His very loyal American fans will be thrilled."

This new slate of episodes will focus on the years immediately following the war, and Foyle will shift his attention to the world of espionage. Promoted to Senior Intelligence Officer, Foyle will discover that Britain’s post-war establishment has many secret Communist sympathizers and traitors. He and his partner Sam must learn to navigate this dangerous new world and keep their country safe.

Click through for a look at the first two new images from Foyle’s War Series 8 – and let us know, what would you like to see in these new episodes?

Confirmed: Foyle’s War to Return for a New Series!

Good news for British mystery fans today – Acorn Media, ITV and Eleventh Hour Films have confirmed that detective drama Foyle’s War is set to return in 2013 with three new two-hour episodes.

Michael Kitchen will return as Christopher Foyle and writer Anthony Horowitz is also back on board. Also expected to return to the series is co-star Honeysuckle Weeks, who plays Samantha Stewart.

Click through for some early details on the plot of the new Foyle’s War episodes, which will take Foyle and his story into the post-World War II era.