Everything British for PBS Viewers to Stream in June 2024

Rishi Nair as Rev. Alphy Kottaram feeling out of place in 'Grantchester' Season 9

Rishi Nair as Rev. Alphy Kottaram in 'Grantchester' Season 9


Summer technically doesn't officially start until mid-June, but in the world of television, the moment the Emmy eligibility window closes on May 31, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PT, it might as well be the equinox, and the end of school rolled into one. It's a new year in the world of prestige TV, and the point of the calendar when the sun stays up until all hours of the evening and rises the next day far earlier than most people's alarms. It's the time of the year when viewership starts dropping, shows find themselves piling up on DVRs unwatched, and perhaps most importantly, for the PBS crowd, it's the time of year when pledge season kicks in.

Once upon a time, pledge season would be no programming debuts of note, especially in the British import department, but thankfully, the 21st century no longer plays by the old rules. Streaming services must have new content all the time, and that's true no matter what time of year it is or which corner of the entertainment world the programming comes from. So, while the main Masterpiece offerings on PBS won't show up until June is halfway over, there's still plenty hitting PBS Passport for members to get viewers through the first half of the month.

That being said, since June is the moment of turnover, there's basically no carryover programming from May. MaryLand, Guilt, and Lucy Worsley's latest series have all concluded, leaving us a clean slate to start off June 2024. Let's get into it.

'Foyle's War' Seasons 1-5

Masterpiece fans are still waiting for a Moonflower Murders update (preferably with a premiere date attached!), but at least Foyle's War is here to whet those appetites. Created by screenwriter and author Anthony Horowitz, best known for Midsomer Murders and the hit Lesley Manville-starrer Magpie Murders, Foyle's War first debuted in 2002 on ITV as the replacement for Morse and was canceled after five seasons in 2007, once ITV discovered Lewis worked just as well. 

The show was quickly revived after fan outcry and ratings dominance, but those first five seasons are still considered the best years of Michael Kitchen's Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. Now, all five seasons are available to stream for members on PBS Passport for the first time.

Foyle's War Seasons 1-5 arrive with all episodes on select PBS Passports and PBS stations beginning Saturday, June 1, 2024. As always, check you local listings.

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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian television mystery/drama series.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: show-poster2x3

'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' Season 3

April 1 brought the first season of Essie Davis' Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries; May brought Season 2. Now, June adds the truncated Season 3 (eight episodes down from 13) that primarily exists because the fandom demanded it. Like the first two seasons, this final season is a PBS Passport debut, as the series only aired on local linear PBS stations in specific markets when it originally aired in the U.S. in 2014. 

All eight episodes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 3 arrive on select PBS Passports on Saturday, June 1, 2024. Again, check your local listings and streaming services.

'Ein Hauch von Amerika' (Welcome to America)

Walter Presents' first series for June is the miniseries Ein Hauch von Amerika (Welcome to America), initially released in August 2021 on Germany's ARD Mediathek streaming service. The six-part series is set in West Germany in the early 1950s, with the significant American military presence, seen through the eyes of two female best friends growing up caught between the Western American dream of a capitalist future and the old conservative order of politics, church, and society. 

The series really kicks into high gear when one falls in love with a Black soldier experiencing freedom for the first time outside of the Jim Crow South. The miniseries was so popular that a separate special, Die Dokumentation, was released a few months later in November.

Walter Presents has repackaged the original series as three 90-minute installments instead of six 45-minute episodes; Ein Hauch von Amerika arrives on Friday, June 7, 2024. The special will hopefully follow eventually. 

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The Wagner Method

Cesar Wagner works obsessively. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.
The Wagner Method: show-poster2x3

'The Wagner Method' (César Wagner) Season 3

The Wagner Method (César Wagner) Season 1 arrived on PBS Passport in March 2023, with Season 2 following in December. Season 3 arrived for Canadian subscribers to the PBS Masterpiece Channel in May, and now it lands in America a month later. A French blend of Professor T and The Nordic Murders, the series stars Gil Alma as the titular DCI César Wagner. 

Wagner is an anxious and hypochondriac police captain whose genius at solving crimes has kept him in the big city for far longer than he probably would have lasted. Finally, his superiors have found a reason to transfer him to Strasbourg, his hometown. Only, when he arrives there, it turns out the mayor is none other than his own mother. The third season, which arrives barely weeks after airing on France 2, is currently the last one unless the French decide to randomly renew it out of the blue in a few months.

Like Season 2, Season 3 of The Wagner Method (César Wagner) only ran two installments; both join Seasons 1 and 2 on PBS Passport and the PBS Masterpiece Channel to bring the total to nine.

'House of Promises' (Das Haus der Träume) Season 2

The first half of House of Promises (Das Haus der Träume) arrived in March 2024, and at the time, I noted the German series from RTL+ was filmed as 12 episodes and aired in two parts, four months apart. It's only been three months since then, but that's apparently close enough for Walter Presents, which now debuts the other half of the series as Season 2. 

The series picks back up with the 1920s-era love story between saleswoman Vicky Maler (Naemi Feitisch) from the provinces and the son of Jonass Department Store owner Arthur Grünberg (Alexander Scheer) set in the last years of the Weimar Republic, as the final lights of Berlin begin to wink out.

All six episodes of House of Promises (Das Haus der Träume) Season 2 arrive on Friday, June 14, 2024, on PBS Passport and PBS Masterpiece Channel.

'Professor T' Season 3

After two seasons of attempting different placements, the English language remake of Professor T Season 3 has been upgraded to debut as part of PBS' famed "Summer of Mysteries" package. The popular Ben Miller-led series continues to mostly follow the same plot as its Belgian counterpart, but as the seasons go on, it's gotten more comfortable with added British flairs that make it much more fun than its initial outing.  

Professor T Season 3 debuts at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 16, 2024, on most PBS stations, the PBS app, and the PBS Masterpiece channel, and will air and stream weekly through the end of July. All six episodes will be available as a binge for members on PBS Passport on premiere day. As always, check your local streaming service/listings.

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Professor T

The Professor is in jail and must find a way to get his old life and job back.
Professor T: show-poster2x3

'Grantchester' Season 9

We return once again to Grantchester for Season 9, and the traditional Changing of the Vicars. The planned departure of lead Tom Brittney from the series as Reverend William Davenport will dominate the first couple of episodes, as did that of his predecessor James Norton. However, instead of squeezing in the arrival of the new Vicar, as Brittney had to, Rishi Nair's arrival as the Rev. Alphy Kotteram will commence with Episode 3 and run a full five episodes in this supersized season.

Grantchester Season 9 debuts at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 16, 2024, on most PBS stations, the PBS app, and the PBS Masterpiece channel, and will air and stream weekly through the beginning of August. All eight episodes will be available as a binge for members on PBS Passport on premiere day. As always, check your local streaming service/listings.

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A vicar turned sleuth helps a grumpy cop in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester.
Grantchester: show-poster2x3

'D.I. Ray' Season 2

And finally, the winner of the derby to get a second season in a row that was on between Ridley and D.I. Ray has come down on the side of Season 2 of the Jed Mercurio-produced series starring Parminder Nagra

Nagra plays the titular D.I. Rachita Ray, a British South Asian detective who endures daily microaggressions for the color of her skin when she's not enduring them for being female, and Season 2 will pick up with her suspension from the force, which comes to a sudden end when the white people above her need her once again to be an "appropriate" face of an investigation.

D.I. Ray Season 2 debuts at 10 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 16, 2024, on most PBS stations, the PBS app, and the PBS Masterpiece channel, and will air and stream weekly through the end of July. All six episodes will be available as a binge for members on PBS Passport on premiere day. As always, check your local streaming service/listings.

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DI Ray

D.I. Rachita Ray investigates the suspected honor killing of a young Muslim man.
D.I. Ray: show-poster2x3


Walter Presents final miniseries for June is Sacha, a Swiss series from 2022 that's in French. Set in Geneva, Sophie Broustal (who fans may recognize from The Paris Murders) plays Anne Dupraz, a respected prosecutor, who finds herself under arrest for the shooting of a man who now hangs between life and death. She admits her guilt but seems unable to explain her act. However, the interrogation will dig into her repressed traumas and allow Anne to finally free herself from her past.

All six episodes of Sacha arrive on PBS Passport and the PBS Masterpiece Channel on Friday, June 21, 2024.

'Sherlock' Season 1-4

While Walter Presents takes off for the July 4th holiday (and also the U.K. election), PBS Passport has one more case up its sleeve, or perhaps one should say, one last game afoot. The fan-favorite Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, comes to PBS Passport for the first time. (When it initially aired on PBS back in the late aughts and early 2010s, PBS Passport didn't exist, and it streamed on Netflix.) All four seasons (all of 13 episodes) will arrive as a batch drop at the end of the month, just in time for the super long holiday weekend.

Sherlock Seasons 1-4 will stream on Sunday, June 30, 2024, on select PBS Passport for members. As always, please check your local listings and streaming services.

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House of Promises

Set against the golden, grimy backdrop of 1920s Berlin, an impossible love story begins.
House of Promises: show-poster2x3


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