Call the Midwife

‘Call the Midwife’ Season 5 Comes to PBS Stations This Spring

The ladies of "Call the Midwife" Season 5. (Photo: Courtesy of Red Productions Ltd 2015)

Mark your calendars: Popular period drama Call the Midwife is set to return to PBS stations this Spring! 

The highly anticipated fifth season will premiere on PBS stations nationwide beginning April 3. Call the Midwife will join a formidable block of British programming on Sunday nights that includes the second season of mystery series Grantchester and the fourth and final run of period drama Mr. Selfridge.

‘Call the Midwife’ Renewed for a Sixth Season

Patsy, Barbara and Trixie are all heading into 1962. (Photo: BBC/Neal Street Productions)

It’s official: The BBC has renewed its popular period drama Call the Midwife for a sixth season, before a single episode of the drama’s fifth run has even aired. (They actually renewed it before the drama’s even aired its latest Christmas installment, if you want to be super technical about it.)

Season 6 will be comprised of a holiday special in 2016, and an additional 8 episodes in 2017.  This season will take the nuns and midwives into 1962.

‘Call the Midwife’ Christmas Special Recap

Patsy, Barbara and Trixie celebrate the holidays. (Photo: Courtesy of © Neal Street Productions 2015/ Nicky Johnson)

Previously, on Call the Midwife: In case you need a refresher on where we left things at the end of last season, we have recaps of every episode right this way.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our favorite East End of London neighborhood, but when we meet up with the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House it would appear the normally festive season is turning out to be more stressful than joyful. 

'Call the Midwife' Series 4 : Episode 7 Recap

Previously on Call the Midwife: Last week’s recap is right this way.

Welcome back to this our next to last Call the Midwife recap and quite a heartbreaker it was. The power of love in its many forms is the main premise of this show; be it the love of parents for children, between romantic partners, or among untraditional families as well. All these varieties were on display in this week’s installment so let’s get right to it and let the lovefest begin.

'Call the Midwife' Series 4 : Episode 6 Recap

Previously on Call the Midwife: Last week's recap is right this way.

Before we get into this week’s storylines, can we just say, “Welcome Home, Sister Evangelina!” We’ve missed your plain-spoken opinions and your compassionate dedication to your patients. It’s apparent scuffles will persist as the Sister reclaims her previous role from Nurse Crane, but in time, I believe they’ll return to that unspoken truce they’d achieved when Evangelina left for her hysterectomy. Now we just need Chummy and all will be right with the world (or at least, Poplar).

Speaking of Chummy, her scouts are holding a fundraiser! Patsy is organizing a square dance to raise money to get the cubs to the annual jamboree. But with events like this come serious wardrobe dilemmas – checked shirt or ironic poodle skirt?

And then there’s the issue of who to ask to the dance.

'Call the Midwife' Series 4 : Episode 5 Recap

Previously on Call the Midwife: Last week's recap is right this way.

This has been quite the series for infestations and contagious disease outbreaks. First, London experienced a rat invasion. Next came an epidemic of dysentery. Oh and don’t forget the syphilis-ridden brothel. Now our medical professionals must contend with a very nasty disease indeed, diphtheria.

More on the pestilence later because I know we all want to celebrate the long-awaited return of Nurse Cynthia Miller, now known as Sister Mary Cynthia (Bryony Hannah). She’s left the mother house in Chichester with some encouraging words from Sister Evangelina and a bit of anxiety about coming back to her former home in an entirely new capacity.

'Call the Midwife' Series 4 : Episode 4 Recap

Previously on Call the Midwife: Last week's recap is right this way.

As they say in England, this week’s episode is chockablock with everything we’ve come to expect from Call the Midwife. In fact, it features a virtual Poplar baby boom with ten children being delivered by our midwives in one day! Some of the characters who have been in the background for a few weeks (or more) were given the spotlight. And while one Nonnatus resident has her worth validated another sees her “perfect” life crumble before her eyes.

There is a definite focus on the worth of women in this installment. We encounter women who sell their bodies cheaply, a father who values a son over a daughter and women who lose purpose and are expected to fade into the background after a war, marriage or even when they’ve advanced in age.

'Call the Midwife' Series 4 : Episode 3 Recap

Previously on Call the Midwife: Last week's recap is right this way.

As tonight’s episode begins, we are reminded that the sixties have well and truly arrived in Poplar. The threat of a nuclear attack is a very real fear and handyman Fred (Cliff Parisi) is leading up the local civil defense corps. His job is to train the other volunteers about emergency preparedness. He’s such a community-minded fellow, our Fred.

Other things that have arrived in the neighborhood recently are a rat infestation and an outbreak of dysentery, the latter being a more immediate concern to Dr. Turner and the midwives. Shelagh Turner even puts her exceptional powers of detection to work in an attempt to locate the source of the infection.