'Killing Eve' Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: “Oh Goodie, I’m The Winner”

Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens - Killing Eve

Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens - Killing Eve _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Anika Molnar/BBCA

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Killing Eve opens this week only a few minutes after last week's episode's conclusion, with Villanelle dragged back into Konstantin's apartment after being shot by an arrow on Hélène's orders by someone Konstantin identifies as "Gunn." No one is pleased by this development, least of all Villanelle, who has an entire giant arrow stuck in her back. Luckily, Pam is perfect for this moment, as she's used to dealing with bodies, though perhaps ones that are a little less vocal than Villanelle. No matter, a wooden spoon to the mouth takes care of that, and Eve holds Villanelle's hands as Pam does the work of un-arrowfying her and then stitching her up with the sewing kit from a Christmas cracker set.

Carolyn: Anyone would think a vagina was an invisibility cloak.

For those streaming Killing Eve on AMC+, this episode (which premiered last week for subscribers) is the third to last episode before the series finale. But for linear viewers, those who still watch the show on BBC America, this is the penultimate installment, as AMC Networks will release both Season 4, Episodes 7 and 8 next Sunday to make space for the Doctor Who Easter special on the 17th. It's perhaps not the best choice for the penultimate episode, as it's the first time Eve and Villanelle have gotten back together properly this season. A couple of weeks to savior this reunion would have been better, but then again, so would a whole season, so I suppose complaining is futile.

Now that the two are back together, it is easy to see how much the show only works when these two characters and these two actors are the main focus. Eve's sweet ribbing of Villanelle in hopes of rounding her into the plot to take out the Twelve is delightful, as is Villanelle accepting the little go-kart to get herself around with a giant arrow wound on her back. It is frustrating that the show doesn't keep them together. Instead, Villanelle heads off to take out Hélène after Gunn (Marie-Sophie Ferdane) passes her a hotel address in Berlin in a pack of Advil. Meanwhile, Eve calls Yusuf to go after Carolyn now that she knows the truth about her past with Lars.

Jodie Comer as Villanelle - Killing Eve
(Anika Molnar/BBCA)

It speaks volumes about how confusing this season is to discover (according to the oh so helpful large friendly letters) Carolyn isn't in Zurich after all with Lars, but in Brandenburg, just outside Berlin. Though, I suppose it's not essential either. What matters is that she's trying to make a deal with the assassin formerly known as Johan ⁠— she'll help him escape the person coming for the Twelve if he'll tell her who killed Kenny. After a standoff, Carolyn decides to fold first and tells Lars it's Hélène who is coming for him to gain his trust. Instead, she finds herself trapped into agreeing to meet Hélène on Lars' behalf to determine why she's doing all this in the first place.

Hélène and Carolyn meet in Berlin by the old squat where the Twelve first formed. After exchanging pleasantries and Carolyn praising Hélène's torture work, Hélène mentions that their fathers had been friends. More than friends ⁠— the show doesn't spell it out, but the photographs of Dickie's affair with Hélène's father, Jacques, led to his death. But though their fathers might have been lovers doesn't mean Hélène is about to go soft. Lars needs to give up who is above him in the Twelve, or his feet will be the first part that pays. 

Carolyn's intersection with Hélène means Eve and Villanelle wind up in Berlin. Eve walks into Hélène's hotel room right after Hélène orders Pam's next job, and just as Villanelle is under the bed about to slash the woman's Achilles tendons, hoping for Carolyn's location. Villanelle overhears Hélène talking about Eve's flirtations these past few weeks before attacking the woman with the gusto of a jealous lover and slitting her throat with an assist from Eve. Though Eve is on Villanelle's side, tossing her the knife so Hélène cannot fight back, Villanelle is too angry and storms off, heading to Feasgar Island in Scotland to find Gunn and take her out. She fails, but Gunn can't take her out either. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri - Killing Eve
(Anika Molnar/BBCA)

As for Pam, witnessing how things have gone for Villanelle does not dissuade her from taking on her first mission, reasoning that she is a ruler follower and Villanelle is not. Konstantin warns her that there's no going back once she makes her first kill. But nevertheless, Pam persists, and her target is none other than poor Fernanda, Hélène and Lars' ex. Even Pam isn't immune to her cheery charms and finds herself waffling. But Konstantin is right: This is how it works. It doesn't matter if they're friendly, innocent people or evil monsters. The kill is the kill.

The kill is not pretty; Fernanda fights back and tells Pam she doesn't have to do this. Pam thanks her for her kindness before taking her out. Konstantin isn't sympathetic when they meet at the roller disco, pointing out that unlike most of his trainees, who are women like Villanelle with no options or future, Pam doesn't have to be doing this. Darren (the circus boy) interrupts, thrilled to see Pam, and asks her to skate. Pam tries to beg off, but Konstantin urges her to live a little, and Pam winds up making out with him. After all, Hélène may be dead, but she's already ordered Pam's next job, so she might as well have fun while she can.

Lars doesn't take Hélène's demands well. Worse, he goes back on his word, telling Carolyn the only person to blame for Kenny's death is herself, before storming off. That's where Eve tracks her, sitting on Lars' porch alone, waiting for him to return. Carolyn begs Eve to give her a minute as Lars returns, apologizing for his outburst. Eve does — but only a minute, not long enough to get the information. She rolls in and shoots Lars. Carolyn congratulates her ⁠— she's killed a member of the Twelve, one they will merely replace. Perhaps, but with Lars dead, Eve's at least done something. And Carolyn leaves with his little black book of contacts.


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