Aidan Turner Hints ‘Poldark’ Could Conclude After Season 5

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark (Photo:  Courtesy of Adrian Rogers/Mammoth Screen for MASTERPIECE)

Enjoy Poldark while you can, folks, because the period drama’s days could be numbered.  Star Aidan Turner indicated that the popular series might not continue past its (as yet still-unconfirmed) fifth season.

During an interview with WWD, Turner was asked about how long he thought the show might run. His answer indicated that the period drama definitely has an end date on the horizon.  (Granted, that horizon is a ways away at present. But, still.) 

The First Trailer for ‘Poldark’ Season 3 is Here

Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE

Good news: The countdown to a new season of Poldark is officially on!

Bad news: We’re not going to see it until October here. Which, we’re Americans who love British TV, we’re pretty used to waiting. Heck, we’re pretty good at it, at this point. (We’ve even got a long list of things you can watch in the meantime while you’re waiting for more Poldark, should you need suggestions.) But doesn’t mean it’s not rough. The only real bright side is that at least we will probably get double the amount of promotional material to look at while we wait. Like this new trailer for Season 3. 

Recapping 'Poldark': Season 2, Episode 9

Ross and Demelza and dramatic firelight from the local riot. (Photo: Courtesy of Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE)

Previously on Poldark: Ross waffles some more about his feelings for Elizabeth and Demelza. For her part, Demelza has had quite enough of Ross’ awful behavior, and lets him know about it. She also takes herself to a house party where she tries to commit some revenge adultery with Captain MacNeil. She can’t go through with it in the end, but she can’t seem to forgive Ross either. (And his attitude is not helping.) Elsewhere, Elizabeth gets tired of putting her life in limbo for Ross, and marries George Warleggan. And I debate whether I can start a petition to ban all men in Cornwall, and let the women of Poldark build their own matriarchy.

Need more details? You can find last week’s recap here