Mr. Selfridge

Get a Ten Minute Sneak Peek at Series 2 of ‘Mr. Selfridge’

Period drama Mr. Selfridge is returning for a second season on Masterpiece this Spring and the little shopping drama that could promises to feature even more intrigue, poor relationship decisions, patented pep talks, fabulous outfits and catty commentary than last year.

Jeremy Piven is back as the titular Selfridge and it appears most of the series’ main cast members are returning as well, including Katherine Kelly, Aisling Loftus, Amanda Abbington, Ron Cook, Gregory Fitoussi, Amy Beth Hayes and Francis O’Connor. (There are also a handful of new faces, as you'll see below.) The drama’s second season will be set in 1914, during the onset of the First World War. Yes, this does mean that we’re jumping ahead five years from where we left things in the Series 1 finale, so it’s certainly possible that there will be more than a few dropped plot threads and/or characters.

Still, the prospect of having the show back is exciting. It quite grew on me over the course of the first series. Series 2 will premiere on March 30 on PBS stations around the country on Masterpiece Classic. Mark your calendars now.

To help get us through the wait until then, PBS and Masterpiece have released a sneak peek first look at the upcoming return of Mr. Selfridge and it should be plenty to get you excited for the new season.

Get Your First Look at ‘Mr. Selfridge’ Series 2: Coming to PBS in March 2014

Period drama Mr. Selfridge will return next year, and ITV has helpfully given us a first look at Series 2 with a brand new trailer that should do a lot more than pique your interest in where the story is going.

The drama’s second season will consist of ten episodes, and the story will be set in 1914, during the onset of the First World War. Yes, this does mean that we’re jumping ahead five years from where we left things in the Series 1 finale, so possibly you should start preparing yourself now for what are surely going to be a few dropped plot threads.

However, if this clip is anything to go by, there’s still going to be plenty of drama going on, even five years into the future. The jazzy, dramatic promo clues us in to the series’ time jump, shows off the new looks of all our favorite characters, and gives us a quick glimpse of some new faces from around the store the store, all set to a Patented Selfridge Pep Talk voiceover. (It might be a bit odd, but I think I’ve actually kind of missed that.)

Watch for yourselves below:

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 8

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: Fellow obnoxious American F.W. Woolworth arrives in London, looking to open a store and introduces Selfridge to the concept of sales, Agnes and Henri have date night, Ellen Love is now dating Vile Tony, Roddy the Hipster Painter is now making eyes at Rosalie, and Miss Mardle finally catches the hint that a guy who will cheat on his wife with you for ten years is probably not a guy who will marry you. It’s also possible something happened with Victor, but as no one actually cares about his storyline it’s mostly irrelevant.

So, here we are! It’s time for the season finale of Mr. Selfridge and all the obvious drama that contains. Don’t worry though; the show’s already been renewed for Series 2, so it’s not the end of our shopping journey. (The next season is currently filming as we speak!) But, we still have a finale to chat about, so, onward! Click through to leave your comments, thoughts and general snark about this episode – and the season in general – in the comments.

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 7

Apologies that this recap is just a bit late – apparently my conviction I could get this up before I got on a plane yesterday was incorrect! So, go forth, read and enjoy!

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: The Selfridges are back to being lovey-dovey in the wake of Harry’s accident, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visits the shop and makes everyone have a séance, Kitty gets a secret admirer, Agnes gets a new job in Fashion *and* gets to kiss Henri, Doris the Accessories Girl Whose Name You Didn’t Know tries to help the previously fired Miss Bunting, and maybe Miss Mardle should think about whether Mr. Grove was worth waiting around a decade for. (Doubtful?) Oh, and I think I’m Team Henri and Agnes now, just so you know.

Loads more drama happening this week that I am just itching to chat about – leave your thoughts and/or favorite moments and/or general snark in the comments!


Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 6

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: To the shock of no one who knows history, Selfridge spends most of the episode unconscious, but survives his run-in with Chekov’s Motorcar. Mr. Grove’s invalid wife passes away and we’re reminded that his relationship with Miss Mardle is more than a bit creepy. Ellen Love is also not dead, somehow still on this show and contemplating career rebirth as serious actress. Henri and Agnes talk about their feelings through the Worst Metaphor Ever, Mr. Crab awesomely saves the store from the wrath of militant suffragettes and Victor is sleeping with Lady Mae. Oh, and Selfridge has a daughter named Violette that you forgot about and she’s awesome.

So, this show’s gotten extra dramatic the past couple weeks, yeah? Onward and let’s talk about it.

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 5

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: The store gets a car for a window display and Mr. Crab wants us all to know IT IS NOT INSURED. Agnes and Victor are sort of going out but maybe not really we don’t know. Roddy brings Rose her painting and they kiss. Selfridge bribes/beats up Agnes’ father and gives her her job back. Ellen tells Rose about her affair with her husband and then tries to kill herself. Lady Mae flirts with Victor. Henri is not around enough. Selfridge and Rose finally have a huge row about their marital issues and it’s awesome. Except then Selfridge goes off on a bender and crashes Chekov’s car from the store display. Whoops.

So much going on in this week’s episode! Let’s talk about it.

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 4

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: Miss Bunting gets fired for stealing from the store and is replaced by the very modern Miss Ravilious, whose forward thinking notions upset Miss Mardle. Prima ballerina Anna Pavlova comes to town and everyone falls all over themselves to pretend they love ballet. Agnes’ drunk dad shows up at the store and embarrasses everyone. Rose is forced to tell Edwardian Hipster her true identity as Selfridge’s wife. Ellen Love has a series of increasingly dramatic and elaborate breakdowns over the fact that Selfridge has decided to break up with her by way of simply never calling her back.

Mr. Selfridge brings some serious drama this week in its fourth episode, complete with illicit kissing, a long-awaited confrontation, personal revelations and fancy motor cars. Click through for a play-by-play and come dish the latest drama in the comments. There’s a lot to talk about (and, let’s be real, mock a little bit). So come chat.

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 3

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: Selfridge and Ellen’s affair continues apace, sparking gossip around town and forcing us to suffer through another horrible “musical” bit. There’s an inter-staff debate about whether it’s appropriate to sell Sekrit Ladies Items such as perfume on the ground floor of the store. Henri Leclair and his amazing reactions to things are maybe the best part of this show. Mrs. Selfridge finds out some specifics about her husband’s affair with Ellen and decides maybe she does want to be friends with Edwardian Hipster the painter after all. Henri sets Ellen up with a scandalous photoshoot, which somehow seems to make Selfridge like her less, though it’s not really clear why. Agnes gets punched in the face by her dad and gets to flirt with Henri.

Mr. Selfridge rolls on this week with its third episode, complete with an appearance by a prima ballerina, an emotional meltdown, some eavesdropping, an embarrassing public scene and more. Click through for a play-by-play and come dish the latest drama in the comments. It’ll be fun. Promise.

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 2

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge is bound and determined to open the greatest department store the world has ever seen in London. This process is a dramatic one. He gets a shopgirl (Agnes) fired, joins forces with a semi-scandalous society lady (Lady Mae), develops a crush on an actress (Ellen), has the most awesome staff ever (Mr. Crab, Fraser, Henri Leclair) and hires about a billion random workers who all have varied storylines intersecting with each other (Kitty, Victor, George, Miss Mardle, Mr. Grove, etc.). It’s a lot of plot – and a lot of character names – to remember, and I didn’t even mention the actual members of the Selfridge family yet. Whew.

Anyway. Mr. Selfridge rolls on this week with its second episode, complete with debates over beauty products, scandalous affairs, flirting and all manner of drama. Click through for a play-by-play and come dish the latest developments in the comments.

Let's Talk Mr. Selfridge: Recapping Episode 1

New Masterpiece drama Mr. Selfridge is here – and it has all the makings of a great series. Of course these things include elaborate sets, fancy costumes and a bevy of characters whose names you will have no hope of remembering for at least a week. Welcome to period drama, people. Selfridge tells the story of the famous Oxford Street department store and the people who work there, and there looks to be plenty of romance, intrigue and poor life decisions to keep us entertained in a world without Downton Abbey. At the very least, it’s going to be fun to talk about.

Join us below for a rundown of events from the Mr. Selfridge premiere – and tell us what you think of the show so far in the comments! (Fair warning: The premiere was two hours tonight, so this is a bit on the long side. Get comfy!)