Mr. Selfridge

The Shopping Will Go On: Mr. Selfridge Already Renewed for Series 2

While the Masterpiece premiere of new period drama Mr. Selfridge doesn’t happen until this Sunday here in the US, there’s already some good news for interested fans about the future of the show. ITV has already renewed the costume drama for a second series, as a result of its consistently high ratings (averaging somewhere around 8 million viewers) across the pond. The UK network also said that Mr. Selfridge has been the channel’s most watched new drama since detective series Scott & Bailey premiered in 2011. Woo and hoo. (Apparently this information was announced a couple of weeks ago – did I miss it while I had the flu? Who knows? It’s still good news!)

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at Mr. Selfridge!

We're getting close to the premiere of new Masterpiece drama Mr. Selfridge. This period drama stars Jeremy Piven as visionary American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge and chronicles the founding of the famous Oxford Street department store that still bears his name today. I mean, of course it'll still be packed with loads of secondary characters and drama and intrigue and fabulous outfits, but that's the basic central theme of the thing.

Selfridge was particularly successful at restructuring the public's attitude toward shopping in the early 1900s, and turned it into a fun and desirable social activity for high society ladies. It seems like it ought to be pretty fun.

Get a look behind the scenes of this new series - including new footage and some backstage dish from the cast and producers, as they talk about the history of the period, including Selfridge's many accomplishments and rather dramatic personal life. Give it a look below.

First Look at Mr. Selfridge – Coming to Masterpiece This Spring

Now you can get your first look at Entourage star Jeremy Piven all dolled up in period dress, as ITV has released the first trailer for the new ten-part series Mr. Selfridge.

Piven stars as famous American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, the man who reinvented the concept of shopping for Edwardian-era women. (And also launched a little London department store that you can still visit and shop in on Oxford Street today.). The costume drama will focus on Selfridge’s visionary business skills and love of putting on a show, as well as his quite colorful and dramatic personal life.

Piven seems a decent showman in this brief clip, though we certainly don’t get much by way of introduction to any of the (apparently legion) other/supporting characters. Take a look for yourself below.

First Look: BBC’s The Paradise vs. ITV’s Mr. Selfridge

The BBC and ITV look set to recreate their 2010 on-air period drama battle between Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs, only this time the setting is posh department stores instead of Edwardian drawing rooms. BBC One has released their first promo for an upcoming drama called The Paradise, which ostensibly looks to be an answer to ITV’s Mr. Selfridge, the ten-part series focused on the life of the American founder of Selfridges that’s set to air next year.

Click through to see first look trailers for both The Paradise and Mr. Selfridge – and let the department store wars begin!

Entourage’s Jeremy Piven Cast As “Mr. Selfridge,” Series Will Air on Masterpiece in 2013

Entourage star Jeremy Piven – perhaps best known for his exhortation that we all just “Hug it out” – will be given the chance to show off his more serious side in upcoming period drama Mr. Selfridge. Piven will play the titular character, Harry Gordon Selfridge, the visionary American entrepreneur who transformed Oxford Street in London with the splashy department store that still bears his name.

Created by the Emmy Award-winning Andrew Davies (who also did Pride and Prejudice and Bleak House), the ten-part series will focus on the life of the “pioneering and reckless” shipping magnate who turned the act of shopping into an pleasurable and social activity for Edwardian-era women. The series will also deal with some of the same sorts of class issues as Downton Abbey, as well as highlight hidden moments in the history of women in fashion and domestic affairs.

Mr. Selfridge is currently filming in the UK and is slated to air in 2013, but exact dates for US and UK transmission have yet to be determined. (If you'd like an early look at Piven in some fairly fancy period dress, you can find a few filming shots here.)

The announcement that Mr. Selfridge will join the Masterpiece family brought with it some more great news: that the multi-series production co-production deal between Masterpiece and UK network ITV also includes further episodes of Endeavour, Inspector Lewis, Miss Marple and Agatha Christie’s Poirot. So we can now officially look forward to new installments of all four of those popular programs in the coming year as well.


ITV Announces a New Edwardian Drama in Wake of Downton Abbey’s Success

UK network ITV will follow up the success of costume drama Downton Abbey with another period piece set during the Edwardian era. The drama – provisionally titled simply Mr. Selfridge – will tell the story of visionary American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge who transformed Oxford Street with the store that still bears his name.

Per the official press release, “The drama will be set in 1909, at a time when women were reveling in a new sense of freedom and modernity. Harry wanted to indulge, empower and celebrate these women and so opened the doors of his lavish department store, on London’s famous Oxford Street. Click through if you'd like a few more details on the upcoming series' plot!