Sundance Now Picks Up Supernatural Drama 'Domino Day'

Siena Kelly in BBC drama "Domino Day"

Siena Kelly in "Domino Day"

(Photo: BBC)

Never doubt the power of manifesting things: Back in February, we here at Telly Visions were desperate for a distributor to bring BBC Three's buzzy, critically acclaimed supernatural drama Domino Day to America. And it only took three months to get our wish. Streamer Sundance Now has announced that it'll be bringing the witchy series to U.S. viewers this summer. By all accounts, it's a worthy successor to the many similar dramas that have come out of that particular arm of the BBC. Think Being Human, In the Flesh, and Wreck, and other series that use their supernatural settings as larger metaphors to explore real-life problems. 

Set in modern-day Manchester, the series follows the story of the titular Domino (Siena Kelly), a young woman who spends all her time on dating apps. But she's not swiping right looking for a soulmate or even a hook-up to pass the time. No, she's on the hunt. 

A young witch with extraordinary powers she doesn't understand, Domino needs to feed off the energy of others to survive. This process isn't exactly pleasant, so Domina spends her time tracking down evil men, punishing those who are dangerous, violent, or just straight-up deserve it. But her behavior has caught the eye of a local coven, tracking her every move, wondering if they need to stop her before she destroys everyone around her. 

Surprisingly dark and unabashedly feminist, Domino Day feels like nothing so much as an adult mash-up of Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seems primed to explore the same sort of coming-of-age issues facing young women today. 

Siena Kelly in BBC drama "Domino Day"

Siena Kelly in supernatural drama "Domino Day"

(Photo: BBC)

Here’s the series’ logline. 

Domino is a young witch with extraordinary powers seeking to understand who she is, whilst danger lurks around the corner. 

Alongside Kelly, the series ensemble cast includes Babirye Bukilwa (Dreaming Whilst Black) as Sammie, Poppy Lee Friar (In My Skin) as Geri, Alisha Bailey (Save Me) as Kat, Molly Harris (Industry) as Jules, Sam Howard Sneyd (Clarity & Chaos) as Silas, Percelle Ascott (Tin Star) as Leon. The series also stars Lucy Cohu (COBRA), Christopher Jeffers (The Other One), Jonah Rzeskiewicz, and Maimuna Memon.

“Domino Day was destined for Sundance Now,” Shannon Cooper, VP of Programming at Sundance Now, said in a statement. “With our audience’s deep love of wildly popular series such as A Discovery of Witches and our recent successful coven drama, Sanctuary: A Witch’s TaleDomino Day is in perfect company.”

The six-part series is created and written by Lauren Sequeira (Gangs of London), with individual episodes written by Charlene James and Haleema Mirza. It is directed by Eva Sigurdardottir and Nadira Amrani, with Nick Pitt as series producer and Megan Ott as producer. Sequeira is also an executive producer alongside Laurence Bowen, Chris Carey, and Elinor Day for Dancing Ledge Productions and Lucy Richer and Ayela Butt for the BBC.

Domino Day does not have a confirmed U.S. airdate yet, but it will reportedly stream on Sundance Now and AMC+ this summer.

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