Watch the First Trailer for ‘Victoria’ Season 2


Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in "Victoria" Season 2 (Photo: Courtesy of Gareth Gatrell/ITV Plc for MASTERPIECE)
Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in "Victoria" Season 2 (Photo: Courtesy of Gareth Gatrell/ITV Plc for MASTERPIECE)

At last,the first trailer for the highly anticipated second season of period drama Victoria is here!

And, spoiler alert: It looks awesome

The new clip pretty much has something for everyone. Jenna Coleman’s young queen is both painfully regal and terribly human. Tom Hughes’ Albert does his whole supportive, romantic thing again. The costumes are gorgeous. The scenery is beautiful. There are plenty of shots of the new royal baby. It even manages to give Dame Diana Rigg  - who’s joining the cast the season as the queen’s Mistress of the Robes – the chance to fire off a quick line. (A balm, I’m sure, to many Game of Thrones fans.)

Additionally, the trailer highlights many of the issues that will be central themes in Season 2. It illustrates Victoria’s continued struggle find a balance in her marriage to Albert, as the royal duo butt heads over their roles in public and private life. It also focuses on the young queen’s attempt to handle her duties as both a monarch and a new parent, a particularly difficult conundrum given that Victoria had…something of a complicated relationship with motherhood. At the very least, she deeply disliked being pregnant, and this is a time in her life when she often found herself in that state. (She and Albert did have nine children, after all, and two of them were born before Victoria was 21.)

Watch the brand new Season 2 trailer for yourselves below:


Our lucky friends in the UK will get to watch Season 2 this Fall, as it will likely debut on ITV sometime in late August or early September. This trailer makes me wildly jealous of that fact, but at least we know that the new season appears as though it will definitely be worth the wait until January.

Are you looking forward to Season 2? What do you think of the trailer? (Is anyone else extremely brokenhearted that there’s no sign of Rufus Sewell in there?) Let’s discuss.