Sherlock Lives: A New 'Sherlock' Series 3 Teaser Trailer is Here


Sherlock and John and All the Feelings We're About to Have (Photo: Courtesy of (C)Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE)
Just in case your emotions weren’t already in hyper-meltdown thanks to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration and all its assorted wonders this weekend, there’s also a bit of good news to share with the long-suffering fans of mystery series Sherlock, who have been suffering through their own Great Hiatus the past..well, quite long while.

A brand new teaser trailer for the massively anticipated third series is here and while it’s another clip that’s barely thirty seconds long, it’s still more than enough to leave fans everywhere aggressively drawing circles around January 19 on their calendars. 

(If you didn’t remember, that’s when Series 3 premieres in the US. Start preparing your emotions now.)

Watch the new Series 3 teaser for yourselves below. And it's okay if you take a minute to find a bag to breathe into.  

#SherlockLives - Sherlock Series 3: TV Trailer - BBC One

Turns out Sherlock Holmes is apparently pretty big on Twitter, huh. As if we didn't already know that.

Thoughts? Are you counting the seconds until Series 3? Are you horrified by John Watson’s moustache? Impressed that Sherlock’s managed to keep up with his strict haircare regime while pretending to be dead? Got theories on what will happen? Let us know.