Watch the Teaser Trailer for 'Luther' Season 5

Idris Elba in "Luther" (Photo: BBC)

Idris Elba is set to return for another go round in the iconic coat as everyone’s favorite tortured detective John Luther and, to celebrate, the BBC released its first teaser trailer for Luther Season 5.

Yes, you read that right, Luther is getting a fifth season. This might come as a surprise to some, since it sort of felt like Season 3 wrapped things up, only to be followed by a shorter fourth season that also sort of felt like it wrapped things up.

Luther can keep sort of wrapping things up for years to come if it wants to, I guess. As long as it means we keep getting new episodes.

BBC Annouces 'Luther' Will Return for a Fifth Season

Idris Elba as John Luther (Photo: BBC)

In rather unexpected, but completely fantastic news, the BBC has announced that gritty crime drama Luther will return for a fifth season.

The critically acclaimed series will be back for a new four-part season, once again starring Idris Elba in the role for which he received a Golden Globe, SAG and Critics Choice Award. (Not to mention an enormous career boost.) Series creator and writer Neil Cross will also be back as well, and basically anything feels possible right now.