The Fifth Estate

Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch Has an Alan Rickman Impersonation Competition with Jimmy Fallon


Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has been seemingly everywhere the past few days, promoting the upcoming release of his new drama The Fifth Estate, where he plays the notorious Julian Assange. While many of you will probably have some conflicting opinions (as I did) about the film itself, it’s hard to feel anything but giddy about all of Cumberbatch’s various promotional appearances, which have run the gamut from his standard default setting of charming to unbelievably fantastic.

Apparently Fallon and Cumberbatch both do an impersonation of British star Alan Rickman. So, of course, the two had to have a competition to compare their respective Rickman versions. And what better proving ground than the world of hip hop lyrics? Obvious, as Sherlock Holmes would say.

Yes, you read that right. Hip hop lyrics. Watch below. It’ll be the best thing you see all day.

Benedict Cumberbatch Responds to Julian Assange and More in the Best ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A Ever


Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch did a Reddit AMA (otherwise known as an Ask Me Anything) on Friday afternoon, which was ostensibly meant to focus on his role as the notorious Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in upcoming drama The Fifth Estate.

After nearly two hours and thousands of questions from hundreds of eager fans, the topic had moved a bit further afield, covering the majority of Cumberbatch’s many roles, his favorite reading material, Halloween costumes, love of comedy and personal awkward celebrity encounters. It was basically the greatest thing that happened on the internet this week – from both the thoughtful and the silly sides of the spectrum.

Read on for details – including the actor's impassioned response to Fifth Estate criticisms from Assange himself.

Telly Visions Goes to the Movies: ‘The Fifth Estate’

Wikileaks drama The Fifth Estate has had plenty of buzz behind it ever since Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was announced as director Bill Condon’s choice to play the infamous Julian Assange, founder of the controversial website, which was ostensibly meant to hold governments accountable for their actions by providing the public with access to confidential intelligence documents. As many of you probably already know, the story of Wikileaks goes well beyond that – and the real Assange remains a polarizing figure today for a variety of reasons.

Much like public opinion on its subject matter, film goers are likely to be similarly divided on how they feel about The Fifth Estate as a movie. There’s much to recommend it, but don’t be surprised if it leaves you strangely cold.

Go Behind the Scenes of Wikileaks Drama 'The Fifth Estate'

A new behind-the-scenes featurette has been released for upcoming Wikileaks drama The Fifth Estate, which starsSherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch alongside Daniel Bruhl, Larua Linney, Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens and Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi among other terribly talented people. (If you haven’t seen the trailer for this buzzed-about, Brit actor-packed film yet, watch it here.)

This new clip doesn’t give us much in the way of new footage from the film – probably to avoid the possibility of spoilers – but rather sits down with director Bill Condon and several of the main cast members to ask them what it is about the story of Julian Assange and his little website that became a global controversy that made them want to be involved in the project. It’s pretty interesting.

First Look: Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Capaldi and Dan Stevens in 'The Fifth Estate'

Now that filming is wrapping up on Sherlock Series 3 (finally) , fans of series star Benedict Cumberbatch are already looking forward to the upcoming release of his next big project – the buzzy film The Fifth Estate, in which the actor takes on the role of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

New photos - including the official poster - have been released (courtesy of the film's official Facebook page) from the upcoming drama, which chronicles the story of Assange, the 2006 launch of the controversial Wikileaks website and the disintegration of his relationship with right-hand man Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the author of Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange At the World’s Most Dangerous Website.

The new pictures give us a look not only at Cumberbatch, but several other very familiar British faces, including Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens and recently-annouced Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi

'Sherlock' Star Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange in First Trailer for 'The Fifth Estate'

Ever since the news broke that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had signed on to play the infamous Julian Assange in a major film for Dreamworks, fans the world over have been desperate to see what the final product would look like. Well, now we can get our first look – the trailer for That WikiLeaks Movie is finally here!

Called The Fifth Estate, the film tells the story of WikiLeaks founder Assange and the 2006 launch of the controversial website, which was ostensibly meant to hold governments accountable for their actions by providing the public with access to confidential intelligence documents. Assange remains a polarizing figure today for a variety of reasons and is currently still living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, in order to avoid extradition orders from both Sweden and the United States.

Despite the (admittedly a bit creepy) blonde wig, it’s clear Cumberbatch has spent some time watching videos of Assange giving speeches, because he has so many of his mannerisms down pat. This already appears to be a frighteningly uncanny portrayal.

Get your first look at the official trailer for The Fifth Estate below: