'Atlantic Crossing' Episode 3 Recap

Märtha (Sofia Helin) and her daughters in New York. Courtesy of MASTERPIECE

In the third episode of Atlantic CrossingMärtha thinks she’s found a safe haven in the U.S., but discovers that not everyone in the White House is her friend or even a reliable ally. Meanwhile, Olav, surrounded by obstruction from his own family, his Cabinet, and his British hosts, realizes that if Britain falls, it’s the end of Norway.

'Atlantic Crossing' Episode 2 Recap

Olav (Tobias Santelmann). Credit: Courtesy of MASTERPIECE © Julie Vrabelová, julvrab.com, photographer

"Isn’t it more important for a country to keep its soul than to keep the peace?" Crown Princess Märtha asks in the second episode of Atlantic Crossing. As her husband Olav and his father the King of Norway take refuge in England, she finds that Sweden is by no means safe for her and the children. And there's only one nation that offers her sanctuary.