'Roadkill': Episode 3 Recap

Credit: Courtesy of (C) The Forge

Roadkill is a series that’s comprised of just four episodes, the sort of short length that makes you think that it has to be a show that knows what sort of story it’s telling and what its ultimate endgame is. But three-fourths of the way through the thing, it’s really hard to feel even remotely confident that it does.

Peacock’s ‘Noughts + Crosses’ Doesn’t Live Up to the Power of Its Premise

(Photo: Peacock)

On paper, Peacock’s Noughts + Crosses should have been a buzzy summer hit – a cultural conversation starter a la Hulu’s The Handmaid's Tale that arrived at a perfect and necessary moment, pushing its viewers toward necessary conversations about issues of race and cultural privilege. In actuality, the drama squanders a truly original premise and setting on the altar of flat characters and a pointlessly forced romance.