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Jessica Brown Findlay in full "Harlots" gear. (Photo: Hulu)

HARLOTS -- "Episode 1" Episode 101 - Margaret Wellsí business comes under attack from a rival madam. As they risk losing everything, how much will Margaret and her daughters have to sacrifice to keep the brothel, and the Wells family afloat? Charlotte Wells (Jessica Brown-Findlay), shown. (Photo by: Liam Daniel/Hulu)

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Hulu’s period drama Harlots, which follows the story of two warring brothels in Georgian London, returns for its second season on July 11. And the streaming service has (finally!) released a trailer for Season 2 – one that implies plenty of drama is in store.

The series stars Emily Watson, Lesley Manville, Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay and more. It features an all-female creative team behind-the-scenes and is generally a thoughtful, feminist take on what life was like for women who possessed little power in a world dominated by men. Rather than treat the series’ subject matter in an exploitative fashion, Harlots instead makes the women’s sex work the least interesting part of their story.

The first season focused on the intense rivalry between two competing madams, Margaret Wells (Watson) and Lydia Quigley (Manville). Season 2 of Harlots appears as though it will take that particularly relationship to the next level, pitting the two women against one another in what seems like even more elevated stakes.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 for yourselves below:


Hulu also released a first look at new cast member Liv Tyler, who’ll be playing Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam, an aristocratic woman who shares some kind of past with Manville’s Lydia.


Season 2 begins with two episodes on July 11 and then continues with a new episode every week after through mid-August. 

Have you watched Harlots? Are you looking forward to the period drama’s second season? (Someone please say yes, if only because I’m obsessed with this show and desperately need someone to talk about it with.)

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