Watch the Prequel Clip for Doctor Who’s “The Bells of Saint John”

Doctor Who  returns to kick off the back half of its seventh season next weekend on both BBC One and BBC America and – has seemingly become tradition over the past few outings – a new mini-prequel has been released that gives us a glimpse of what’s been happening during the gap since The Snowmen aired in December. Written by showrunner Steven Moffat, the clip features a moment in the Doctor’s search for Clara and the secret of who or what she is. 

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith is at his quirky, adorable best in this clip, though it’s likely many will guess where we’re going with this two-minute snippet before it gets there, it’s still pretty fun.    Obviously, much like Amy Pond, Donna Noble and even Wilfred Mott before her, it’s clear we’re meant to see that Clara and the Doctor are being repeatedly brought together throughout time and space for some sort of reason, even if we have no idea what reason is yet. Whatever it turns out to be, I just need it to make more sense than the whole Melody Pond/River Song reveal and to be less eyeroll-inducing than a Weeping Angel version of the Statue of Liberty wandering about lower Manhattan and apparently no one looking at it on its trek uptown. I don’t feel like that’s asking for that much. So, roll on Series 7. 

Lacy Baugher

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