Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special 'The Snowmen' Trailer and Prequel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, almost. We’re a little bit over a month away from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special and the “official” introduction of brand-new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Finally, we get our first look at the trailer for this highly anticipated episode, as well as a prequel clip meant to bridge the gap between The Angels Take Manhattan and this year’s holiday installment, titled simply The Snowmen. The new footage premiered during BBC’s annual Children in Need charity telethon and it seems safe to assume that the internet is already rife with speculation and chatter about what this all means for the future of our favorite Time Lord.

Click through for your first look at The Snowmen, and get those holiday countdown calendars ready. BBC America is once again day and dating the Christmas special with the UK, so we’ll only have to wait a mere five hours more than our friends across the pond. Huzzah!

This trailer is sooooo good. Snap first impression: Ms. Coleman is going to be a fantastic companion. And she has great chemistry with Matt Smith. Plus, hey, snowmen can be scary, apparently! See for yourselves below:

Children in Need also screened a special Doctor Who prequel mini-sode called The Great Detective - hee, a Sherlock shout-out! – that features the returns of the (awesome) Madame Vastra and Jenny from A Good Man Goes to War, as well as their (super awesome) new sidekick Strax the Sontaran. It also features a very depressed Doctor and it’s clear that the loss of Amy and Rory has hit Eleven very hard. (Ten wasn’t even look this depressed with Rose got sucked off to an alternate dimension, though I suppose it’s fair to say he got more rage-y than emo over it, at least initially.)

This prequel is a tiny bit of a downer, but luckily we can see in the Christmas special trailer that the Doctor doesn’t stay down for long. Obviously, it’s all got something to do with the introduction of new girl Clara, who happens to bear a striking resemblance to the ill-fated Oswin from Asylum of the Daleks. It seems safe to say – especially given Jenna-Louise Coleman’s pre-trailer comments – that there’s no way that this Victorian Clara and future technology whiz kid Oswin aren’t somehow connected and/or somehow the same person. The fun bit is going to be figuring out the how.  Any theories?



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