Watch Keeley Hawes and Richard Madden in the Netflix Trailer for ‘Bodyguard’

Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes in "Bodyguard" (Photo: BBC)

The BBC’s hit drama Bodyguard is coming to America this month and streaming service Netflix has dropped their first trailer for the political thriller.

The six-part series stars popular Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden as a war veteran David Budd, who goes to work for as a Specialist Protection Officer for the Royalty and Specialist Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police Service. He’s almost immediately assigned to guard the controversial Home Secretary, Julia Montague, played by The Durrells in Corfu star Keeley Hawes. Montague, a woman who frequently advocates some rather draconian and horrifying policies in the name of thwarting terrorism, leaves David torn between duty and personal conviction. Can he put his own views aside in order to protect her as things literally explode all around them?

Bodyguard was a smash hit for BBC One, becoming the corporation’s most-watched drama in the past decade. Given the quick turnaround time between its British broadcast and its American debut – the series wrapped its final episode just a couple of weeks ago – Netflix must think the series can pull solid numbers for them here in the States.

The Netflix trailer focuses much more heavily on Madden’s David than its British counterpart, likely because the actor is much more recognizable here in the States than his co-star Hawes is. (For better or worse, people know the King in the North!) The clip also doubles down on the tension about whether David will turn out to be the hero or the villain of this story.


Bodyguard comes from the pen of Jed Mercurio, the mind behind popular drama Line of Duty. If his previous series is any indication, this should be another utterly gripping series that will keep you guessing until the final credits roll.

(Thank goodness we can just binge it all in one go, if we need to.)

All six episodes will hit Netflix on Wednesday, October 24.

Will you be checking Bodyguard out?

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