The Trailer for 'Starstruck 'Season 2 Promises More Rom-Com Hijinks

Rose Matafeo and Nikish Patel in "Starstruck" (Photo: Photograph by Mark Johnson/HBO Max


The HBO Max comedy Starstruck was one of the best series on television in 2021, albeit one that far too few people have actually seen.

The frothy, Notting Hill-esque rom-com follows the story of a struggling millennial named Jessie (Rose Matafeo) whose life is thrown into chaos when her handsome New Year's hook-up Tom (Nikesh Patel) turns out to be a world-famous actor. As the two each try to figure out how the other feels and determine whether there's more to their connection than a casual fling, the humor vacillates between sweet, satisfying, and totally cringe. In the end, it's a romp that feels like a breath of fresh air in a television landscape full to bursting with heavy dramas and grim procedurals.

The first season ended with Jessie making the momentous decision to deliberately miss her flight home to New Zealand and remain in London with Tom. Where their relationship goes from here is anyone's guess, but the Season 2 trailer hints that more romantic challenges await,  from Tom finding the nerve to tell his friends about his new girlfriend to Jessie dealing with a ghost from her own past.

The official synopsis for Season 2 is pretty straightforward.

After her grand gesture at the end of season one, in season two, Jessie must deal with the real-world consequences of deciding to stay and pursue a relationship with Tom, rather than sticking to her original plan of returning home to New Zealand.

The Season 2 cast also includes Minnie Driver (Speechless) and Russell Tovey (Flesh and Blood) along with Emma Sidi (Industry), Joe Barnes (The Neighbor), Al Roberts (Stath Lets Flats), Ambreen Razia (This Way Up), Alice Snedden (Golden Boy), Lola-Rose Maxwell (Doctors), Nic Sampson (The Brokenwood Mysteries), Edward Easton (Inside No. 9), Parth Thakerar (Gangs of London), and Jordan Stephens (Feel Good). 

"We ended it on the classic rom-com high," series creator and star Rose Matafeo told Entertainment Weekly. "Now, in season 2, we'll watch how Tom and Jessie handle the early stages of a relationship, which are arguably even more awkward than the dating stage." 

All six episodes of Season 2 arrive on HBO Max on Thursday, March 24. Season 1 of Starstruck is currently streaming.

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