Delightful HBO Max Rom-Com 'Starstruck' Renewed for Season 3

Nikesh Patel and Rose Matafeo in "Starstruck" (Photo: Mark Johnson/HBO Max)

HBO Max's Starstruck is honestly one of the unsung gems of the Peak TV era, a charming, winsome, and incredibly intelligent romantic comedy that deftly mixes heart and humor into something that feels like a breath of fresh air onscreen. Thankfully, those of you may have slept on this fantastic series will get a chance to change your ways—it's been officially renewed for a third season.  

Created by star Rose Matafeo, the frothy, Notting Hill-esque rom-com follows the story of a struggling millennial named Jessie who is living in East London and juggling two dead-end jobs. Her life is thrown into chaos when her handsome New Year's hook-up Tom (Nikesh Patel) turns out to be a world-famous actor and the pair have to determine whether there is more to their connection than a casual fling while navigating the complications that his day job brings to their relationship. 

Season 2 saw the pair navigate the age-old question of what comes next: After a grand romantic gesture (such as Jessie deciding to remain in London for the sake of her connection with Tom), how does the rom-com ending translate into real life? The season saw the pair struggle to go public about their relationship to their friends, fret over the presence of past exes, and even break up for a brief time before reuniting in the finale. What will Season 3 hold for them? Your guess is as good as mine.

"A third? Sure. Fine," Matafeo said in a statement. "I’m truly thrilled to bring this incredibly talented cast back for a third installment and equally excited to clamber into the director’s seat alongside my nice friend Alice Snedden who I cannot seem to get rid of.”

“Rose has created a show that strikes just the right balance of heart and humor,” Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max’s Head of Original Content, said in a statement. “Starstruck is exactly the kind of rom-com that we love at HBO Max, and we are so happy to see Jessie and Tom’s story continue.”

The Max Original series is co-produced by BBC Three and co-written by Alice Snedden and Nic Sampson, with Matafeo and Snedden also directing. It’s produced by Avalon and executive produced by Rob Aslett, Jon Thoday, Cath Gagon, Richard Allen-Turner, Rose Matafeo, and Gregor Sharp for the BBC. Toby Welch is series producer.

The Season 2 cast also included Minnie Driver (Speechless) and Russell Tovey (Flesh and Blood) alongside regulars with Emma Sidi (Industry), Joe Barnes (The Neighbor), Al Roberts (Stath Lets Flats), Ambreen Razia (This Way Up), Alice Snedden (Golden Boy), Lola-Rose Maxwell (Doctors), Nic Sampson (The Brokenwood Mysteries), Edward Easton (Inside No. 9), Parth Thakerar (Gangs of London), and Jordan Stephens (Feel Good). 

Seasons 1 and 2 of Starstruck are currently streaming on HBO Max. 

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