The Trailer for 'The Pursuit of Love' Promises Romance, Friendship, and More

Lily James in "The Pursuit of Love" (Photo: Amazon Studios)

Amazon has released the trailer for the buzzy BBC period drama The Pursuit of Love starring Lily JamesEmily Beecham, Dominic West, Andrew Scott, Dolly Wells, and more. And spoiler alert, it looks like precisely the frothy romantic delight we've been waiting for since the Bridgerton hiatus started. 

Based on Nancy Mitford's groundbreaking 1945 novel of the same name, the story may be set between the first and second world wars, but The Pursuit of Love has a distinctly modern sensibility, raising the sort of personal questions that still remain relevant to viewers today - about freedom, love, sex, and the human heart. 

The series is centered around the women of the upper-class Radlett family, including the charismatic and fearless Linda (James) and her best friend and cousin Fanny Logan (Beecham). Though political divisions are roiling the nation, these two girls are more interested in finding love, but only with the understanding that their friendship is more important than anything else in their lives.

“I want to escape and have fun and wear high heels and be in love,” Linda declares. But, Fanny argues, “you can’t start a life with someone based only on romance and excitement.”

Their relationship is tested w Fanny decides to settle for the more steady predictable life that's expected of her, even as Linda's impetuous heart takes her to increasingly wild and outrageous places, both literally and metaphorically speaking. For an example of some of those outrageous places, just peep the wild parties being thrown by the Radletts' rich and eccentric neighbor Lord Merlin (Scott) in the trailer. 

Watch for yourselves below.

The three-part series aired on the BBC to generally positive reviews. Since the series is based on the first novel in a trilogy, there's every chance this won't be the only time we see the Radlett family onscreen. Mittford wrote two more books that feature Fanny as a narrator: Love in a Cold Climate and Don't Tell Alfred.

It arrives in full on July 30 on Amazon Prime Video. 

Will you be giving The Pursuit of Love a Look? Let's discuss in the comments. 

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