Prime Video Sets a Premiere Date for 'The Outlaws' Season 2

Christopher Walken in "The Outlaws" (Photo: Prime Video)


Though Season 1 of charming crime caper The Outlaws only arrived on Prime Video back in April, a second season of the comedy is coming sooner than most of us probably expected. Before the end of the summer, in fact! It's thanks to a rare positive confluence of events due to the coronavirus-related shutdowns that ground much of the entertainment industry to a halt in 2020. With no other work, series star and co-creator Stephen Merchant (The Barking Murders) used the break (which took place after just ten days of filming on Season 1) to pen a second season of the show. It was shot back to back with its first once filming resumed. 

The Outlaws follows the story of seven strangers assigned to work together in the same Bristol community payback group as part of their sentencing for the various petty crimes they've each committed. But while they're all paying their debts to society, they become much more like friends, especially after they accidentally become entangled with the local drug cartel.

Though the first season's primary arc — involving a stolen bag full of cash — was largely resolved by the finale, the gang still has plenty of time left to finish on their community service sentences. Therefore, the series has plenty of time for more hijinks in Season 2, which picks up a few months after the first. And apparently, the underworld of Bristol isn't quite through with them yet. 

Did someone order more shenanigans? #TheOutlaws are coming back for Season 2 on August 5th, and we can't wait.

— Amazon Studios (@AmazonStudios) June 2, 2022

The synopsis certainly hints that there will be more consequences for their actions.

Following on directly from the first series, the Outlaws still have time to serve on their sentences – but now they must face the fallout from their actions. If they thought the criminal underworld or the local police were done with them, they are sorely mistaken. The Outlaws must depend on one another while working with unlikely allies to atone for their sins – but can they save themselves without sacrificing their souls?

All our favorite misfits will be back alongside Merchant's nerdy lawyer Greg for another round of dead animal carcass clean-up and reluctant personal growth. That includes Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark) as social media influencer Lady Gabby; Christopher Walken (Severance) as former con man Frank; Rhianne Barreto (Honour) as shoplifting overachieving teen Rani. There's also Darren Boyd (Trying) as conservative loudmouth John; Clare Perkins (Suspicion) as leftist activist Myrna; Gamba Cole (Hanna) as Christian who's desperate to keep his sister out of Bristol's gangs. Also, Jessica Gunning (Fortitude) plays the group's community service supervisor Diane.

The Outlaws Season 2 will premiere all six episodes on Friday, August 5.

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