'Killing Eve' Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: "I Hope You Like Missionary"


Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri, Jodie Comer as Villanelle - Killing Eve _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gareth Gatrell/BBCAmerica

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Killing Eve isn't done with Eve and Villanelle as partners just yet, as a new mission arises.

Carolyn: I can't stand breakfast. It's just constant eggs. Why? Who decided?

This episode of Killing Eve starts off intense, with Niko set off by his encounter with Villanelle the day before. Rather than stay in Oxford (since he knows now it was a set up to get him out of town), he comes home in the middle of the night. Eve is damnably chipper the next day, so we'll take the sex as read. However, Niko hates that he loved every minute of whatever it was they got up to and decides this is the last straw. Villanelle has won, at least this round, as he runs to Gemma and starts playing house with someone who likes missionary.

Things are no less comfortable at Carolyn's house where Konstantin is back in residence and making breakfast until he is interrupted by John (Geff Francis), who is over from Nairobi and also staying in Carolyn's place, where he feels utterly comfortable walking around in boxers and little else. When Carolyn introduces John as an "old friend," much to his displeasure, Konstantin immediately, joyfully, goes along with it. Kenny takes one look at this insanity and backs right back out of the room.

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With Eve at work and Niko now out of the house, Villanelle breaks on in and makes herself at home. (Let's not ask about the toothbrush.) She may be waiting a while though, as Carolyn is meeting with Eve over the death of a journalist, which is most likely the work of Aaron Peel as well. Carolyn's plan, since taking in Aaron isn't as easy as it looks, is to send Eve to a conference in Rome where Peel will be in a couple of weeks time. The goal is to get someone close to him, which Hugo thinks is impossible. Aaron is far too paranoid. He hasn't had a significant other ever, or even a one night stand with an anatomically correct robot of his choosing. "You can't just swan in in a tight dress." 

Or can you? Eve is not an option, since Aaron has met her, and Jess wouldn't be an option even if Aaron hadn't met her, because totally third trimester and counting. On the other hand, they do know someone for hire who can wear the hell out of a tight dress. Aaron is only close to the sister we met back in the first episode, Amber (Shannon Tarbet), who is a hardcore AA meeting goer. Villanelle's job is to get herself in. Once again, Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are *chef's kiss.* Villanelle runs through a variety of potential characters, accents, and swindles she could put on before they settle on an American named Billie, and Kenny, err, Hugo gets started on building the social media backstory. 

Carolyn once again agrees to go along with it, but this has to be complete Moscow rules, no breaking cover even for a second. Villanelle is 100% taken with Carolyn, calling her "the real boss" and staring at her with total impressed eyes. "Billie" starts showing up for meetings, but her reappropriation of Eve's life story fails to impress.

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Eve is not pleased about it either, but it's enough to grab Amber's attention. Villanelle's second round as Billie fares better, as she draws inspiration from her own life and how bored she is (once again, this is Comer's powerhouse episode, if she doesn't get an Emmy nomination the world isn't fair.) Amber is now really entranced, but there's a problem -- her caretaker, Marie (Basienka Blake). Aaron is controlling things at all times, and the moment she notices Amber talking to the new girl, it's once again time to leave. "Billie" takes matters into her own hands and removed Marie from the equation, breaking her neck and dumping the body in front of an oncoming bus, right in front of Eve, who is watching across the street in a cafe. It does the trick though. Amber is now shaken and grieving, and Billie is right there to hold her, take her hand, and become texting buddies.

Next thing you know, Billie's on her way over for dinner with Aaron and Amber, which to Eve is the moment for the girl to get in. Not that Aaron is best pleased by her existence in his house, insulting Villanelle right to her face, but in Greek, so that she supposedly won't understand them. Eve recognizes what's happening right away; he's testing "Billie" to the point that he follows her and catches her snooping.

However, Villanelle recognized the situation better than Eve does, and after being annoyed enough removes and eats the mic bug she's wearing in her ear. When Aaron turns into a psychopathic bully desperate to prove she's a fraud, Villanelle slaps him across the nose with a book, like the disobedient puppy he is. Eve thinks the night, and the mission, is ruined, but really, it's only just begun. 


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