Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen to Star in Prime Video Thriller 'Wilderness'

Jenna Colman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen in "Wilderness" (Photo: Prime Video)

Doctor Who alum Jenna Coleman has compiled a wide-ranging resume since she left the TARDIS starring in everything from costume dramas (Victoria) to true-crime historicals (The Serpent), prestige dramas (The Cry), and high fantasy (Netflix's forthcoming The Sandman). But next up for her is something completely different: A revenge thriller. 

Coleman will be starring alongside The Invisible Man's Oliver Jackson-Cohen in Wilderness, an Amazon Original drama series that will follow a seemingly happy couple whose marriage falls apart when one learns the other is cheating—and decides to take payback into her own hands.

Based on the novel of the same name by B.E. JonesWilderness follows the story of Liv (Coleman) and Will (Jackson-Cohen), a British couple who seem to have it all: a solid marriage, a glamourous new start waiting for them in New York far from their rural hometown, and their whole lives ahead of them to enjoy it. Or, at least they do until Liv learns about Will's infidelity. 

Her heartbreak is quickly replaced by fury, and then a need for revenge. So when Will proposes a trip around America's beautiful National Parks to give their relationship a fresh start in their new country, Liv knows just how she'll get it. (Strangely enough, she's a lot more motivated by retaliation than forgiveness or healing.) Described by Prime Video as a "twisted love story," Wilderness features a "dream holiday and a supposedly happily-ever-after [that] quickly turns into a living nightmare."

Now, maybe I've just watched way too much of Showtime'sYellowjackets in recent months, but this sounds like a chillingly good time. (And a serious departure from form for Coleman, who really hasn't played a character this overtly villainous before. Even if Liv does have a right to be angry.)

The series will be directed and executive produced by So Yong Kim (Lovesong) executive produced by Elizabeth Kilgarriff and Marnie Dickens and produced by Firebird Pictures.

“I’m very much looking forward to getting on the road, into the wilderness and the depths beyond,” Coleman said in a statement. “Working alongside Oliver, we will be exploring the boundaries of a relationship that is tested in unimaginable ways and in the hands of the wonderful So Yong Kim, Marnie Dickens, and Liz Kilgarriff at Firebird Pictures. I know this is going to make for an extraordinary trip.”

Filming begins this month in the U.K, the United States, and Canada, with the series slated to stream on Prime Video next year. 

Lacy Baugher

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