Prime Video's 'Wilderness' Teaser Sees Jenna Coleman Bent on Revenge

Jenna Coleman in "Wilderness"

Jenna Coleman in "Wilderness"

(Photo: Prime Video)

We all support women's rights. But sometimes, it's an awful lot of fun to support women's wrongs. This seems to be the basic theory behind Prime Video's upcoming revenge thriller Wilderness, which sees a betrayed wife contemplate how best to punish the man who did her wrong. Based on the novel of the same name by B.E. Jones, the series follows the story of Liv (Jenna Coleman), whose seemingly perfect life falls apart when she discovers that her dreamboat husband Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) has been having an affair with a younger colleague. But her heartbreak is quickly followed by another emotion: Fury. And Will might need to start watching his back. 

In honor of their upcoming move to New York City, the pair embark on the epic American road trip Liv's always dreamed of, from the Grand Canyon through Yosemite, before capping it all off with a hedonistic weekend in Las Vegas. For Will, the trip represents an opportunity to make amends; for Liv, it holds a very different opportunity — a landscape where accidents happen all the time — the perfect place to get revenge. 

Set to "Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor's Version)" from the megaselling pop star Taylor Swift's upcoming rerecording of her Reputation album, the teaser gleefully follows Coleman's Liv as she contemplates a variety of ways to punish her cheating husband, including literally pushing him off a picturesque cliff.  

The role of Liv is something of a departure for Coleman. Best known for her performances in popular genre properties like Doctor Who or lavish period dramas like Victoria, she has rarely played characters this dark or overtly violent. (Clara Oswald and/or Queen Victoria would never. But I guess Marie-Andrée Leclerc from The Serpent might?) 

The series also stars Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) and Eric Balfour (The Offer) as Will's colleague Cara and her adoring boyfriend Garth. In the sort of wild coincidence that definitely hints that one or both of them are not making it out of the woods alive, they run into Liv and Will on their wilderness adventure and find themselves enmeshed in their drama in a way that will change all their futures forever.

Fittingly, given its subject matter, Wilderness is driven by a female team behind the scenes: It's created by Marnie Dickens, directed by So Yong Kim, and executive-produced by Elizabeth Kilgarriff

"Who doesn’t know someone who’s been cheated on? That gut punch on discovery, the trail of paranoia and suspicion it leaves behind, the difficulty of trusting again. It’s enough to tip anyone over the edge," Dickens said in a statement. And that’s where we meet our heroine, Liv, as she’s lied to over and over by the man she loves. Of course, she wants revenge, and I, for one, hope she gets it.”

Wilderness is set to premiere globally on Prime Video on Friday, September 15, 2023.

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