HBO's 'The Time Traveler's Wife' Trailer Looks Better Than The Movie

Theo James as Henry in The Time Traveler's Wife

The novel The Time Traveler's Wife was one of Amazon's first major best sellers when it hit big in 2003. The book was adapted into a feature film starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams that was a lesser hit. (It was the tail end of the rom-com period of the aughts.) But it also inspired one writer of time travel TV series, Steve Moffat, who was inspired to write the Doctor Who episode "The Girl In The Fireplace" after reading Audrey Niffenegger's story. It also apparently stayed with him long enough that he's now got an HBO limited series on the way, also titled The Time Traveler's Wife, based on the novel.

HBO snapped up the rights to Moffat's project (which boasts Niffenegger as one of the executive producers) back in 2018, after a fierce bidding war with several other companies looking to launch streaming services in the upcoming year. But Moffat's schedule meant that production wouldn't start until early 2020, where it, like so many other projects, ran right into the buzzsaw of the Hollywood shutdowns and U.K. lockdowns. Production finally picked up again in early 2021, with filming from May to October. The series is now heading this way in the next couple of months and will air weekly on HBO with episodes then following on HBO Max.

As fans of Sanditon know, The Time Traveler's Wife cast Theo James as the time traveler of the story, Henry DeTamble, upending Masterpiece's plans to bring him back for Season 2. He co-stars with Rose Leslie (Downton Abbey), who plays the titular wife of the story, Clare Abshire, and the first trailer for the six-part series is now out. The footage introduces the story like a documentary or a reality TV show, with Clare explaining to the camera what it's like to have married a man with a genetic disorder. The hallmark of his condition is that he is unstuck in time.

The series logline reads as follows:

The six-part series is an intricate and magical love story and tells the tale of Clare and Henry and a marriage with a problem… time travel.

Along with James and Leslie, The Time Traveler's Wife co-stars Desmin Borges (You're the Worst) and Natasha Lopez (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) as Gomez, Clare's BFF, who is secretly in love with her, and Charisse, Clare's roommate and Gomez's girlfriend. The rest of the cast includes Taylor Richardson (The Gilded Age), Peter Graham (Murdoch Mysteries), Everleigh McDonell (Good Girls), Michael Park (Stranger Things), Jaime Ray Newman (The Magicians), Brian Altemus (Grand Army), Jason David (For All Mankind), Kate Siegel (Midnight Mass), Josh Stamberg, (The Affair), Chelsea Frei (The Moodys), Marcia DeBonis (Heels), Will Brill (The OA), Spencer House (Teenage Bounty Hunters), and newcomer Caitlin Shorey.

Though The Time Traveler's Wife does not have an announced premiere date, HBO has confirmed that the series will arrive in May 2022 and stream directly following on HBO Max.


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