Get Your First Look at Tom Hiddleston’s ‘Coriolanus’ Which Will Stream to Cinemas Worldwide

Tom Hiddleston, internet darling and star of such fan favorites as The Hollow Crown and the Thor movies, is taking to the stage for his next role. He’ll be starring in the Donmar Warehouse’s production of Coriolanus in London, playing the lead role opposite an all-star cast that includes Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss among its ranks.

The West End production is sold out for the duration of its run (the Donmar Warehouse is an infamously small space), but the show will be broadcast worldwide through the National Theatre’s (awesome) NT Live program on January 30. Many international encore dates are set around the world in February, so check your local theaters for exact screenings.

It looks fantastic – and it’s okay if you’re also super jealous of those lucky folks that score tickets in London!

Click through for more details about the show, including a preview and some rehearsal photos.

Watch Hiddleston preview the play and discuss its themes, particularly as regards the struggle between popularity and personal integrity in politics: 

[This video is no longer available.]

Get your first look at some rehearsal photos below, courtesy of the NT Live and Donmar Warehouse Twitter feeds. 

Tom Hiddleston as Coriolanus: 

Here's @twhiddleston in rehearsal for @DonmarWarehouse's #Coriolanus - broadcast live to cinemas 30 Jan — ntlive (@ntlive) November 22, 2013

Hiddleston with co-star Gatiss:

.@twhiddleston as #Coriolanus with @Markgatiss as Menenius @ntlive

— Donmar Warehouse (@DonmarWarehouse) November 22, 2013

Deborah Findley plays Coriolanus’ mother Volumnia. (Spoiler: this is one of the more awesome roles for women in Shakespeare – and so underappreciated)!

Deborah Findlay as Volumnia #Coriolanus @ntlive

— Donmar Warehouse (@DonmarWarehouse) November 22, 2013

Here’s a shot of Brigitte Sorenson, will be playing Coriolanus’ wife Virgilia:

.@BHjortSorensen takes the role of #Coriolanus' wife Virgilia @DonmarWarehouse - broadcast live to cinemas 30 Jan

— ntlive (@ntlive) November 22, 2013

This show has an awful lot of fighting in it:

.@twhiddleston gets to grips with @hadleyfraser in this @DonmarWarehouse #Coriolanus rehearsal image...

— ntlive (@ntlive) November 22, 2013

Oh, fine, here’s one more shot of Hiddleston, dramatically posed:

And another of @twhiddleston as #Coriolanus @ntlive

— Donmar Warehouse (@DonmarWarehouse) November 22, 2013

FYI for DC-area folks, Coriolanus will be screening at the Shakespeare Theater on February 17 and tickets are on sale at their website

Are you excited to see Hiddleston do more Shakespeare? Planning to see a screening? 

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