Get a Longer Look at Series 5 of Merlin with a Dramatic New Trailer

Fantasy drama Merlin returns to BBC One today for its fifth season and for those of us who have to wait a few months for the new episodes here in America, well at least we can get a longer look at what the new series has in store for us with this new extended trailer.  

There’s some footage here that we saw in the series’ first teaser earlier this Fall, but there’s a ton of new scenes featured, with every main character and quite a few secondary ones popping up all over the place. There’s also lots of sword fighting, prophecy, knights, chases, magic and more - it’s a very exciting couple of minutes. It’s certainly more than enough to get you excited for the series’ return. Click through and take a look for yourself!

So, Arthur’s bane, huh? In the original legends, this is Mordred, who is both Camelot’s ruin and Arthur’s death. However, given that this series likes to play a bit fast and loose with its interpretation of Arthurian legend, I’m not entirely convinced that’s what we’ll see play out onscreen. (After all, it doesn’t look like Gwen will be having an affair with Lancelot anytime soon, either.)  Should be interesting to see how this all shakes out – and, of course, whether Arthur is ever going to find out about Merlin’s magic .

Per the official Syfy website, new episodes of Merlin will premiere in January, 2013 here in the States. So, a bit of a wait, but not too bad.


Lacy Baugher

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