'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Mini-Episode 'The Night of the Doctor' Features a Big Surprise

John Hurt in "The Day of the Doctor" (Photo: Credit: Adrian Rogers, © BBC)
John Hurt in "The Day of the Doctor" (Photo: Credit: Adrian Rogers, © BBC)
With just over a week to go until beloved sci-fi series Doctor Who turns 50, the official promotion surrounding the anniversary celebrations is kicking into high gear and Whovians everywhere are just a little bit excited at this point.

We’ve had a couple of really mind-blowing trailers for The Day of the Doctor and we’ve got a whole week of Who-related programming starting November 18, including a feature-length TV film about the origins of our favorite series.

Now there’s even a special mini-episode to really make everyone crazy. It’s called The Night of the Doctor and, without spoiling the surprise of this seven-minute clip, it seems safe to say that it’s going to blow your mind.

Watch below. 

So. The War Doctor, huh?

Excuse me while I go have a small internal freak-out alone, where no one can see me. (I will admit that I am also having a vicious internal debate about what I think all this means for Nine, because Nine is my Doctor and I don’t know how to respond to these revelations from that perspective. Help.)

The Day of the Doctor airs on Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, November 23, and will be screened in a global simulcast event in over 75 countries around the world. Here in the US, it’ll air at 2:50pm EST on BBC America. Start preparing your emotions.

Thoughts on the Night of the Doctor prequel? I sort of really need to talk about this, so help a girl out. 

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