Celebrate Ten Years of "Doctor Who's' Return with This Amazing Fan Tribute

The four Doctors of "New Who" (Photo: Doctor Who TV)
The four Doctors of "New Who" (Photo: Doctor Who TV)
Ten years ago this March - March 26 to be exact - a beloved science fiction franchise made its return to the BBC after a nine year absence. It was called Doctor Who, and with the episode "Rose," Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston and his companion Billie Piper reintroduced the iconic alien with a blue police box to a whole new generation. Now, in 2015, it's hard to believe that it's actually been that long since Who came back to us - and that the show has since achieved an absolutely unprecendented (and frankly astonishing) level of global mainstream popularity. (I suspect if you asked the production team behind that long-ago Season 1, they never would have predicted this in about a million years.)

In honor of the premiere of "New Who" back in 2005, a slew of nostalia posts, think pieces and general reminiscences have popped up all over the internet this week, along with an unnowable number of fan tributes - GIF posts, quote lists and, of course, videos. Having gotten myself a little teary going through a lot of them, I can tell you that this video is probably the best thing going though. 

Created by a YouTube fanartist named, simply, "John Smith" - who is also responsible for making an incredible 50th anniversary trailer, a terrifying short film called Stone, and a ridiculously cool Wholock mashup - the clip features a subdued color palette and almost no actual footage from the show itself. Just voiceovers and a sort of ever-moving freeze frame. It's hard to describe, but it's amazing. I got kind of emotional. I'm not even sorry. 

Watch for yourselves below:

Ugh, yeah. Tears. This show, you guys. 

What are your fave moments from ten years of "New" Who?

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