It Sounds as if ‘Doc Martin’ Will Likely Continue Beyond Season 7

Martin Clunes and a very cute co-star in "Doc Martin". (Photo: American Public Television)
Martin Clunes and a very cute co-star in "Doc Martin". (Photo: American Public Television)

The seventh season of megapopular British comedy Doc Martin is currently airing around the US on PBS stations, and fans everywhere are curious about what the future of the show will be.

Each installment of Doc Martin has been rumored to be its last since sometime around Season 5 or so, and since the show only films every other year, there’s plenty of time for fans to fill talking and/or worrying about its future. Happily it looks like viewers can spend this particular hiatus in a slightly more zen state of mind, because from all indications it looks pretty likely the show will continue into Season 8, and possibly beyond that.

While no official announcement has come from the folks at ITV, the UK network that produces the show, it’s hard to imagine them not greenlighting an eighth season if all the major parties involved are amenable to it. And, according to Current, the media outlet that covers public and nonprofit media in the US, Season 8 sure seems to be happening.

Current interviewed Doc Martin producer Philippa Braithwhite about the US premiere of Season 7, and she implied there was definitely still life in the series beyond its current season.

“There are lots of stories we want to explore, and we want to do them well,” she said. “I think we’ll know when it’s time to end the show.”

While that’s a far cry from directly saying Yes we’re making Season 8, it’s pretty close, and certainly more direct than that time we learned that Season 7 was happening via a comment star Martin Clunes made during an interview with The Telegraph.

Braithwaite said each season is created so that it could be the last. “We never know when we finish if we will make another” she said. “So we finish deliberately so we could leave it right there.”

Season 6 was apparently the exception to this rule, because viewers were left with an emotional cliffhanger following Louisa’s decision to take an indefinite trip to Spain with her infant son. (So maybe that should have been our first clue the show was coming back?)

Braithwhite’s full interview in Current is well worth a read, and offers several interesting character insights and behind-the-scenes filming tidbits. (But it DOES have a few mild Season 7 spoilers, if you haven't started watching yet.)

 And it certainly makes it sound as though another season is a go, right? 

Are you excited for more Doc Martin, assuming it happens?