Older Seasons of 'Doc Martin' To Stream on PBS Passport

Caroline Catz as Louisa and Martin Clunes as Doc Martin with Baby James in 'Doc Martin' Season 6

Caroline Catz as Louisa and Martin Clunes as Doc Martin with Baby James in 'Doc Martin' Season 6

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Fans of Doc Martin were overjoyed in 2023 when Acorn TV, which had kept the series streaming behind a paywall since it acquired exclusive rights to the show in the mid-2010s, finally allowed the final two seasons out to PBS Passport. The AMC Networks-owned streaming service had always allowed local PBS linear channels to broadcast Doc Martin seasons over the air after a suitable time had elapsed, but that meant the show aired haphazardly around the country, with fans lucking into seasons when they showed up; if they showed up at all. The arrival of Seasons 9 and 10 marked the first time Doc Martin had streamed on the PBS app or PBS Passport, and it's proved so popular, now Seasons 6 and 7 will join them. 

Doc Martin's arrival on PBS Passport in 2023 was a bit of a homecoming, as the show's first five seasons (which aired between 2004 and 2011) all initially debuted on PBS in the States. Season 6 marked the first time the series premiered on streaming instead, with Acorn TV taking the rights to the series from that point on. So it makes sense that in going backward to pick up old seasons, the place where PBS and Acorn TV are starting this new deal is with Seasons 6 and 7. 

Now, that does not mean fans should assume Seasons 1 through 5 are off the table; one would assume, eventually, PBS Passport would like to have the entire collection for members to access. But since these are the seasons that have been behind the paywall longest, they feel like the proper place to start.

For those who have not watched Seasons 6 and 7 in a while, here are the synopses to refresh your memory.

Season 6 begins with wedding bells ringing for Doc Martin and Louisa. Later, Louisa faces her first day back at school; Mrs Tishell returns to the village and falls back in love with Doc Martin, and Louisa battles with the idea of leaving the village. Season 7 begins after their tumultuous time last series, Louisa has gone for a break to visit her mother in Spain. After Martin's first session with Dr. Rachel Timoney, we see he may have met his match. Louisa's return raises questions around their relationship: in order to stay together, perhaps they need to spend more time apart.

Doc Martin Seasons 6 and 7 stars Martin Clunes as Martin Ellingham, Caroline Catz as Louisa Ellingham, Ian McNeice as Bert Large, Joe Absolom as Al Large, Selina Cadell as Sally Tishell, John Marquez as Joe Penhale, Eileen Atkins as Aunt Ruth Ellingham, and Jessica Ransom as Morwenna Newcross.

Doc Martin Seasons 6 and 7 debuts on PBS Passport on Friday, March 1, 2024.

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