Benedict Cumberbatch: The Next Season of ‘Sherlock’ Will Be ‘Phenomenal’

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Our next trip back to 221b should be pretty exciting then, yeah? (Photo: BBC)
What’s next for Sherlock? Fans the world over have been asking this question virtually since the credits rolled on Series 3 finale His Last Vow. Thankfully, the crime drama is set to return for a one-off special next year and a three-episode fourth season at some as yet to be determined time in 2016, but since production on the special isn’t getting under way until January of 2015, we know very little so far about what to expect when the story of the Baker Street boys resumes.

The series’ cast does seem to know a bit more than we do, but they’re keeping pretty mum at present, although star Benedict Cumberbatch did share a few observations during one of his (many) interviews in the midst of film festival press for his upcoming turn as British codebreaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game

“I can’t give any plot away so I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but their pitch for the Christmas Special and the series beyond that is just phenomenal,” Cumberbatch recently told Empire Magazine in a length interview that covered a variety of topics, including his hit detective series. “I’m so excited. I cannot wait.”

Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat has already stated that he and Mark Gatiss have a plan for Series 4 which is “devastating” and is meant to top anything that offered in the previous season, which, by the way, including a wedding, a resurrection, a mysterious double life and one of the main characters dying (if only for a moment. So, you know, strap in for that.

“We’ve never seen (Sherlock) being really pressed yet, so that will be interesting,” Cumberbatch added, by way of dropping a hint at what sorts of things the upcoming plot might focus on.

[Though, honestly, in what world does Sherlock straight up murdering a guy not count as a situation in which he is being “pressed”? Allrighty, then.]

Furthermore, fans who are concerned about the future of Sherlock beyond the episodes which have already been greenlit can rest easy, as it certainly sounds as though its star has no intent of hanging up the deerstalker anytime soon.

“I’d like us to finish on a high. But we’ll do it until we don’t want to do it anymore,” he explained. “As long as the ideas are still there and the audience still wants it and [Martin and I are] not so infirm we can no longer remember the lines and shuffle round the set, I’d love to do it into old age, I really would.”

Which is exciting and reassuring of course, particularly given the glacial pace at which episodes of this  show seem to come into existence. So, be careful what you wish for, boys, old age is probably not that far away in Sherlock years. (Which seem to be something like the concept of “dog years” only in terms of television production.)

Cumberbatch also shared some of his favorite moments during his rather meteoric rise to fame over the last few years. “Learning that David Bowie is a fan of Sherlock. That was pretty big,” he said. “And then the Prime Minister of China asked for more episodes, which was highly amusing.. But Bowie. That was really a ‘Well I may as well retire’ moment.”

The full interview will be available in the next issue of Empire Magazine, which I am already prepared to stalk my local bookstore for, just saying.

Any predictions on what Sherlock “being pressed” might mean?