‘Sherlock’ Series 4 Will Be “Devastating”, According to Steven Moffat

Sherlock and John are in for more emotional devastation, it would seem. (Photo: BBC)
Sherlock and John are in for more emotional devastation, it would seem. (Photo: BBC)
A happy announcement: everyone’s favorite crime drama Sherlock absolutely slayed it at the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards, taking home a total of seven statues for Series 3 installment His Last Vow. Yeah, that means Sherlock won more awards than critical darling Breaking Bad. For real.

Sadly neither Benedict Cumberbatch nor Martin Freeman – who collected trophies for Best Lead and Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie for their performances as Sherlock and John – were present at the ceremony, being busy with filming commitments and a stage play, respectively. Creator Steven Moffat was, however, and after he celebrated collecting a trophy for Outstanding Writing in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special, he dropped a few hints about what we can expect to see in the highly anticipated fourth season

Speaking to the press backstage following his win, Moffat seemed rather confident that the next season of Sherlock would be even more shocking and dramatic than Series 3, which featured a wedding, a mysterious resurrection, a main character getting shot and technically dying, and the revelation that another major character had been living a dangerous (and possibly deadly) double life.  Whew.

But, apparently, that’s just the beginning for fans who’ve already been put through the emotional wringer, if Moffat is to be believed.

“We have a plan to top it. Actually, I do think our plan is devastating. We practically reduced our cast to tears by telling them the plan,” he told the press.

 “Honestly, Mark [Gatiss] and myself are so excited with what we’ve got coming up, probably more excited than we’ve ever been about Sherlock,” Moffat explained. “Honestly, I think we can [top the last season].”

It’s not entirely clear whether Moffat means we’ll all be destroyed by the actual fourth series or by the one-off special that’s headed our way next year. But since the answer is probably both, does it really matter?

Further, Moffat once again indicated that Series 4 won’t be our last adventure with the boys from Baker Street, having already admitted that they have plans for Series 5. ““What’s happening with Sherlock is unusual. We will keep coming back to it,” he said.

Anyone got any predictions?

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