Jane Austen

Enjoy ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’? Five Jane Austen Works You Can Stream Online

The period mystery Death Comes to Pemberley, which recently aired on Masterpiece on PBS stations around the country, imagines what life might have held in store for two of beloved author Jane Austen’s most famous literary creations, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, after they found their happily ever after together. However you feel about this sequel series – and there are certainly differing opinions about the existence of sequels such as this – the drama has served as a timely reminder of just how incredibly awesome Austen’s work is. If Death Comes to Pemberley has reignited your love for all things Austen, we’re here to help.

Let’s take a quick look at five Austen adaptations that you can watch online – from the classic to the contemporary.

Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of 'Mansfield Park' with Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant

The potential combination of Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Who’s David Tennant would be high on any Anglophile’s wishlist – for virtually any kind of production, whether it was a children’s cartoon, a BBC period drama or a Shakespeare play.

Sadly, the schedules of both these stars are so crowded now that seeing them perform in, well, anything together any time in the even vaguely foreseeable future seems like a pretty big pipe dream. Luckily, that wasn’t so true a few years ago.

Way back in 2003, before either of these actors had ever played the Doctor or the consulting detective, the pair was cast in a BBC Radio Four production of Jane Austen’s classic Mansfield Park. And since it’s highly likely that you had no idea who either of these gentlemen were at the time, you probably missed out on it. But, not to worry – the radio version is about to get a special repeat broadcast. Radio 4 is pulling the production out of the station archives to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the classic novel’s publication, and also probably just to make a lot of fans around the world very happy.

'Austenland' Trailer: Is This the Best Theme Park Ever?

Are you ready to go to Austenland? A new movie – clearly aimed squarely at Anglophiles – sure hopes so. This is the film adaptation of Shannon Hale’s novel of the same name, and will likely delight all the Jane Austen fans out there – and maybe convert a few new ones. (Yes, I am an absolute sucker for this kind of movie, I’m sorry. Not really.)

The Americans' Keri Russell plays Jane, a thirty-something New Yorker who is obsessed with the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. Yes, the one with Colin Firth. Everyone in her life is aware of her obsession (which probably would be hard to hide if you too had a giant cardboard Firth cutout in your home.) Therefore, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that when her great aunt passes away she leaves Jane a trip to Austenland in her will. Austenland is the “world’s only immersive Austen experience,” which basically appears to be a literary Six Flags with the benefit of period dress. (And something which we will probably all wish was real by the end of the movie.) Sadly, Jane’s role at the Austen theme park that we are studiously not calling a theme park will only be an “orphan of no fortune”, because her aunt couldn’t afford the aristocracy upgrade. Womp womp.

As generally happens in these sorts of stories, Jane becomes involved in an Austen-esque love triangle of her own, and is torn between J. J. Fields’ standoffish Mr. Henry Nobley and Martin, the obvious nice guy she probably won’t realize is the nice guy until the very end, played by Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie. Since we have all likely read our Austen, everyone should be able to predict what’s going to happen here, but the trailer sure does make the journey look fun.

Watch Out, Jane Austen Fans: There’s a New Mr. Darcy in Town

For many people, when considering Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and the novel’s prickly yet dreamy hero Fitzwilliam Darcy, one thing immediately comes to mind. One thing associated with this story above almost all others these days, despite the fact that the novel is celebrating its 200th birthday this year. And that thing is Colin Firth. The actor sparked a love of Austen, an interest in classic literature and an appreciation for white shirts and bucolic scenery among a generation of women, who all swooned over his portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the 1995 BBC adaptation. He is in the minds of a great many people, the definitive Darcy.

Well, he’s about to get some competition. The BBC has ordered a three-part adaptation of the novel Death Comes to Pemberley, a Pride and Prejudice sequel written by P.D. James, which tells the story of Austen’s famous couple six years into their marriage. But the question everyone wants to know is – who’s playing Mr. Darcy this time?

Answer: It’s Matthew Rhys. You may have seen him on ABC’s Brother’s and Sisters, the Masterpiece adaptation of The Mystery of Edwin Drood or FX’s The Americans. And he’s aware of the inevitable Firth comparisons headed his way.