Happy Third Birthday, Telly Visions!

Today’s the day! Somehow our little British blog Telly Visions officially turns three years old today! It’s amazing to me that we’re already celebrating the third anniversary of this blog – I can’t believe that this much time has gone by since we got started dishing British television and film and all the other the other things that are pretty much essential to life for an Anglophile.

So here we are, 1,095 days and 989 blog posts later – and that’s so close to 1,000 posts I can’t believe it – and still going strong. And that’s all down to you guys for reading and commenting and being here. Thank you being part of our blog family!

A few highlights from our third year:

Telly Visions at San Diego Comic Con 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, the dog days of July are upon us, when entertainment enthusiasts everywhere gather in Southern California for the best weekend of the year, when we all put on costumes and revel in whatever various forms of geekery we most enjoy. Yes, I’m headed back to San Diego Comic Con International this weekend, so bear with us if the blog is a bit quiet this weekend.

While I’m technically going for fun once again this year (and with the hopes that it’ll take my mind off things to be quite honest), there’s no reason that I still can’t report back to everyone about all the relevant and exciting Brit-related news from this year’s convention.

Sadly, there are no Doctor Who or Sherlock panels to be had this year, but rumor has it a host of British celebs will be in San Diego promoting their latest projects, which will include appearances by such famous faces as Colin Firth, Daniel Radcliffe and more – including, yes, even Benedict Cumberbatch.

Expect a full report next week, but in the meantime make sure you're following the blog on Twitter, because if I manage to see or do anything exceptionally awesome, that's likely where you'll see it first. (If you just want to see photos of my TARDIS dress and me sitting in various massive lines for things, you can find my personal account here.)

Happy Christmas to the Best Readers on the Planet

Happy Christmas, Telly Visions readers! (Or Happy Wednesday and generally Winter-ish season if this holiday isn’t your cup of tea.) Either way, the point is, is that today is a day about where it’s appropriate to celebrate people we care about – and also hopefully to get a ton of great British telly on DVD – and you all are basically the best readers ever.

Thanks for being a part of our blog community for the past two years and change – for reading, and commenting, and tweeting, and sharing and just generally being fantastic. It’s the best present a girl could ask for. Well, other than an advance copy of Sherlock Series 3. Just in case Santa is listening. (Sorry, I had to try.)

Here’s hoping that you find a pile of great Anglophile-appropriate presents under the tree – we’re looking forward to a great 2014 with all of you!

Did you get any particularly great Brit-themed gifts today? Do tell in the comments!

Happy Birthday, Telly Visions!

Yes, it’s true. Telly Visions officially turns two years old today! It’s kind of hard to believe that we’re already celebrating this blog’s second anniversary – it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. But, apparently that saying about time flying when you’re having fun is absolutely true.

Because 730 days and 618 posts later, here we are. And we certainly couldn’t be here without you. Thank you for being part of our blog family!

So sit back, and take a look at a few of our greatest hits, favorite things and big moments worthy of a highlight:

Telly Visions is Heading to Comic Con 2013!

Bear with us if things are a bit quiet around the blog this week – we’ll be back up and running at full strength next week.

Besides an unexpected personal issue that’s kept me off the internet for the past few days (I lost a beloved pet), I’m off to San Diego Comic Con International for the weekend, land of costumes, geeks and general merriment.

While I’m technically going for fun once again this year (and with the hopes that it’ll take my mind off things to be quite honest), there’s no reason that I still can’t report back to everyone about all the relevant and exciting Brit-related news from this year’s convention. Sherlock is slated to make its first ever Comic Con appearance, Doctor Who will be having a celebratory 50th anniversary panel, and there are multiple other panels featuring a variety of British talent. (I may also be supposed to dress up like a TARDIS. There will probably be pictures.)

Expect a full report next week, but in the meantime make sure you're following the blog on Twitter, because if I manage to see or do anything exceptionally aweseome, that's likely where you'll see it first.

A Bit of Housekeeping: Welcome Carmen to Telly Visions!

Somehow, Telly Visions is rapidly approaching its second birthday – yes, our little blog will turn two years old this September. Time really does fly, huh? Thanks as always to everyone who is party of our little community here, and for reading and tweeting and sharing and commenting, even on the silliest of posts.

But, as we’re getting a bit older, we’re working on expanding the voices here at the blog, to bring all of you a wider variety of content on as many different shows and topics as we can. So, over the next couple of months we’ll be introducing a few new regular bloggers who will be helping to make the site even better. (And if you have shows or topics – contemporary or classic - that you’d like to see us cover? Leave us a comment below!)

The first new addition to the Telly Visions family is Carmen Croghan. She writes her own blog over at Everything I Know About the UK, I Learned from the BBC, and is obviously a big fan of all things British. She organizes an Anglophiles United program at her local library, is slightly obsessed with the Beatles and Monty Python, and is a dedicated fan of all manner of British television series, particularly comedies, which will add a nice balance to the content offerings around here. She’s also a huge Call the Midwife fan, which I expect will make several of our regular readers very happy.

Just in case anyone was wondering – and you probably weren’t - but, yours truly isn’t going anywhere, so you’re all still going to be stuck with my Benedict Cumberbatch obsession and thousand-word recap posts on a variety of shows too. (The Great Doctor Who Rewatch really is coming, I swear.)

Keep an eye out for Carmen’s first post in the next couple of days – in the meantime why not leave her a comment here and say hello?

Telly Visions in London!

A quick housekeeping note – I’m headed off to London for the next week to see a bunch of theater, do a spot of shopping and have a proper geek out in Anglophile heaven. Try not to miss me too much.

I’m super excited, obviously, and plan to take a lot of pictures and do a lot of dorky things that I’m sure you all will enjoy. I’ll do my best to post ant relevant and/or awesome photos as I can – though Twitter is the most likely home for them until I get back.

So, if the blog is a bit quiet for the next week, this is why. The next recap for Mr. Selfridge will still go up next week, but other than that there probably won’t be much around here. Have a great week and please tweet me if anything exciting happens in the world of British TV!

Oh, and if you have any suggestions of things I ought to make sure to do in London, please let me know!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Or, Things We're Thankful For)

Happy Thanksgiving, Telly Visions readers! Thanksgiving is one of the few quintessentially American things we acknowledge here around the blog, but it seems important to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU as loudly and proudly as possible, so here we are.

Thank you for reading and commenting and liking and tweeting and being willing to put up with my Benedict Cumberbatch obsession and occasional irritation with costume dramas that don’t live up to my standards. Thank you for watching some really great programming with me and being so darn smart and thoughtful about it and making me think about things I’d have never noticed on my own. Thank you for just being generally awesome people, all around – and here’s to many more long-winded diatribes to come. Stick around. :)

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart,” said educational pioneer Jean Massieu, and, apparently my memory is very long.

This year, I am thankful for:

Telly Visions is Heading to Baltimore Comic Con This Weekend to Celebrate the British Invasion

Heads up, Telly Visions readers – I’m headed to Baltimore Comic Con this weekend! I’ve never attended this particular event before, so I’m pretty excited. If you’re in the area and happen to be planning to or thinking about going yourself, leave me a comment below or shoot me a tweet here or here! Would love to get the chance to say hi to anyone that happens to be there (I’m fun, I promise!) – if only to convince myself that you all are real. (This is blatantly untrue, I’ve met several real live Telly Visions readers now and you’ve all been lovely. I am just hoping to make myself more sympathetic so some of you might be more likely to stop by!)

I’ll be spending the bulk of the day Saturday hanging out in the British Embassy’s exhibit area, as we celebrate the “British Invasion” of the comics world. I’ll also be doing a little promotion for WETA UK and handing out a few goodies, but I still plan to fit in some panel viewing, shopping and general wandering around if at all possible. Since I’ve never been to Baltimore Comic Con before (does it have a generally accepted abbreviation like SDCC?), I’m not quite sure what to expect, but the panels look quite interesting even to a comics beginner like me and, hey, Stan Lee is apparently going to be around, so it’s hard to go too wrong with that as a starting point.

Pictures, tweets and a full report to come!