Colin Firth

This is a Real Thing: Giant Colin Firth Currently Hanging Out in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake

This is one of those things that feels like it ought to be too incredible – or just flat out too weird – to be true. And yet, it actually exists, in a perfect storm of awesomeness with just a dash of crazy mixed in. In short: There’s a giant sculpture of Colin Firth coming out of Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake in London, basically like Godzilla, except considerably more attractive.

The twelve foot sculpture has been created to mark the launch of new UKTV channel Drama and recreates the famous scene from the 1995 BBC adaptation in which Firth’s Mr. Darcy emerges from a lake, clad in a white shirt and breeches, to meet Elizabeth Bennett and made women across the globe swoon. It was voted the most memorable moment in British TV drama, hence the creation of the sculpture, which is the height of a double decker bus. Click through for more details.