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  • 172: British Movies: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

    Published on:

    Our series on recent British movies you might have missed continues as Janet Mullany joins the ladies to discuss Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, a charming fashion-focused fairytale starring Lesley Manville

  • 171: The Great Season 3

    Published on:

    After several failed attempts, the ladies finally make time to dig into Hulu's satirical period drama The Greatan occasionally true story of Russia's Catherine the Great that remains one of the best shows of the streaming era.

  • 170: Tom Jones

    Published on:

    Recapper Janet Mullany joins the ladies to discuss the lavish Masterpiece adaptation of Henry Fielding's Tom Jones

  • 167: Great Expectations

    Published on:

    The ladies dig into FX's latest adaptation of Great Expectations, a dark spin on the Charles Dickens classic that often mistakes its gritty framework with actually having something to say. 

  • 166: Sanditon Series Finale

    Published on:

    The ladies discuss the end of Sanditon, which finally gets a proper finale, even if many of its stories aren't given the depth we might have hoped for.  

  • 165: Ted Lasso Season 3

    Published on:

    Nick Scalera (a.k.a. Lacy's boss) joins the ladies to discuss Ted Lasso's uneven third season, which may or may not be its last.