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  • 214: Mr. Bates vs the Post Office

    Published on:

    Contributor Megan Vick joins the ladies to discuss the smash U.K. drama Mr. Bates vs the Post Office and the real-life case that inspired the show. 

  • 213: Time Season 2

    Published on:

    Contributor Emma O'Neill-Dietel joins the ladies to discuss the second season of BritBox's prestige prison drama anthology series Time, which is even thornier and more complicated than its excellent first outing. 

  • 212: Alice & Jack

    Published on:

    Contributor Marni Cerise joins the ladies to discuss Alice & Jack, an awkward contemporary romance between two tragically toxic people that's a surprisingly poor fit for Masterpiece. 

  • 211: Nolly

    Published on:

    Contributor Sophie Brookover joins the ladies to discuss the new Masterpiece series Nolly and the real-life story of actress Noele Gordon. 

  • 210: BritBox's Murder Is Easy

    Published on:

    Contributor Marni Cerise joins the ladies to dig into BritBox's latest Agatha Christie adaptation, a thoroughly modern if somewhat brisk adaptation of Murder Is Easy.

  • 209: Spring Preview 2024

    Published on:

    The ladies look ahead to everything British coming our way this spring from the returns of Call the Midwife and Extraordinary to the premieres of Mr. Bates vs. the Post Office, Mary & GeorgeScoop, and more. (Plus, Lacy has some Big Feelings about that devastating Miss Scarlet & The Duke news.)

  • Telly Visions Is on a Road Trip to the TCAs

    Published on:

    We're sad to inform you that you won't be getting a new episode from us this week --- but it's for a good reason! The ladies are in Los Angeles for the Television Critics Association's winter press tour and will be back next week with all the scoop!