Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 7

Apologies that this recap is just a bit late – apparently my conviction I could get this up before I got on a plane yesterday was incorrect! So, go forth, read and enjoy!

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: The Selfridges are back to being lovey-dovey in the wake of Harry’s accident, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visits the shop and makes everyone have a séance, Kitty gets a secret admirer, Agnes gets a new job in Fashion *and* gets to kiss Henri, Doris the Accessories Girl Whose Name You Didn’t Know tries to help the previously fired Miss Bunting, and maybe Miss Mardle should think about whether Mr. Grove was worth waiting around a decade for. (Doubtful?) Oh, and I think I’m Team Henri and Agnes now, just so you know.

Loads more drama happening this week that I am just itching to chat about – leave your thoughts and/or favorite moments and/or general snark in the comments!


Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 6

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: To the shock of no one who knows history, Selfridge spends most of the episode unconscious, but survives his run-in with Chekov’s Motorcar. Mr. Grove’s invalid wife passes away and we’re reminded that his relationship with Miss Mardle is more than a bit creepy. Ellen Love is also not dead, somehow still on this show and contemplating career rebirth as serious actress. Henri and Agnes talk about their feelings through the Worst Metaphor Ever, Mr. Crab awesomely saves the store from the wrath of militant suffragettes and Victor is sleeping with Lady Mae. Oh, and Selfridge has a daughter named Violette that you forgot about and she’s awesome.

So, this show’s gotten extra dramatic the past couple weeks, yeah? Onward and let’s talk about it.

Downton Abbey Creator Weighs in on the Dan Stevens Thing

Though it's now several months later, the exit of popular leading man Dan Stevens still has Downton Abbey fans reeling the world over. Even Downton creator Julian Fellowes doesn’t seem to be doing a lot better, since even he doesn’t seem too thrilled by the way that certain events at the end of Series 3 shook out.

In a new interview with UK paper The Express, Fellowes contends that he did everything he could to get keep Stevens on the show, but, alas, it was just not to be.

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 5

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: The store gets a car for a window display and Mr. Crab wants us all to know IT IS NOT INSURED. Agnes and Victor are sort of going out but maybe not really we don’t know. Roddy brings Rose her painting and they kiss. Selfridge bribes/beats up Agnes’ father and gives her her job back. Ellen tells Rose about her affair with her husband and then tries to kill herself. Lady Mae flirts with Victor. Henri is not around enough. Selfridge and Rose finally have a huge row about their marital issues and it’s awesome. Except then Selfridge goes off on a bender and crashes Chekov’s car from the store display. Whoops.

So much going on in this week’s episode! Let’s talk about it.

Random Photo Time: Cute Behind-the-Scenes Shot From Sherlock Series 3 Filming

Speedy’s Café is the real life restaurant that resides next door to the fictional 221b Baker Street on Sherlock. The folks that work there are quite active on Twitter, are very friendly and seem to have loved the explosion of popularity that the worldwide success of the show has brought to the doorstep of their shop. As is evidenced by the photo they shared last week from the first round of London location filming on Series 3.

Yeah, that’s star Benedict Cumberbatch and new (recurring?) cast member Amanda Abbington hanging out having a morning cuppa (though I suspect that’s actually coffee, she said, applying the deductive skills learned from watching too many hours of this show) in the real life version of the shop that’s been on the show already as itself. It’s a bit extra meta, maybe, but the picture’s still cute.

Sherlock Series 3 Update: Filming Begins on Episode 2

Time for another update for us Sherlock fans who are currently existing on the crumbs of information slowly being revealed as filming continues on the drama’s highly-anticipated third series. Production on the second episode of Series 3, called The Sign of Three, began this morning, and, naturally, we're all excited about it.

Dun dun dunnnn! Of course, just because filming is now officially under way doesn’t mean we know anything more concrete about this episode than we did last week. But, thanks to the magic of social media, we’re gotten enough new tidbits to get the wheels of speculation turning properly.

Here’s what we do know.

Recapping Mr. Selfridge: Episode 4

Previously, on Mr. Selfridge: Miss Bunting gets fired for stealing from the store and is replaced by the very modern Miss Ravilious, whose forward thinking notions upset Miss Mardle. Prima ballerina Anna Pavlova comes to town and everyone falls all over themselves to pretend they love ballet. Agnes’ drunk dad shows up at the store and embarrasses everyone. Rose is forced to tell Edwardian Hipster her true identity as Selfridge’s wife. Ellen Love has a series of increasingly dramatic and elaborate breakdowns over the fact that Selfridge has decided to break up with her by way of simply never calling her back.

Mr. Selfridge brings some serious drama this week in its fourth episode, complete with illicit kissing, a long-awaited confrontation, personal revelations and fancy motor cars. Click through for a play-by-play and come dish the latest drama in the comments. There’s a lot to talk about (and, let’s be real, mock a little bit). So come chat.

Elementary Gets Its Own Irene Adler: Natalie Dormer Set for Guest Role

Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.

That’s been largely my experience with CBS’ Sherlock Holmes adaptation Elementary – the two of us have certainly had a yo-yo sort of relationship. I expected to hate it. I did not. I love Jonny Lee Miller’s performance as Holmes. I don’t really believe in Lucy Liu’s Watson. I like some of the secondary characters. The generic mysteries of the week are dreadful, but on the rare occasions the show has actually attempted to use the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle cases as inspiration – the episode featuring the introduction of Sebastian Moran, for example – it’s actually quite interesting. The show rarely uses the Conan Doyle stories as inspiration.

My internal back-and-forth on this issue is rather extensive. But, Elementary’s managed to hook me at least through the end of their first season, now that they’ve cast one of my favorite actresses as Holmes’s former flame Irene Adler. British actress Natalie Dormer has officially joined the cast for a three episode guest run – you’ve probably seen her as Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones or Anne Boleyn on The Tudorsand she is basically perfect for this part. Well, played show. I (reluctantly) tip my hat to you.

Brit TV Preview: Watch David Tennant in The Politician's Husband

After what felt like a decades long absence from our screens following his decision to hang up his sonic screwdriver as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who a few years ago, David Tennant suddenly appears to be basically everywhere at once, and it’s awesome.

Between The Spies of Warsaw, Broadchurch, upcoming drama The Escape Artist and his return to Who for the sci-fi series’ 50th anniversary special, we’re in the midst of something of a Tennant tsunami. And I think we’re all okay with that.

This time around, he’s starring opposite War Horse’s Emily Watson – and sporting some very dramatic hair – in BBC2’s The Politician’s Husband. The three-part drama is a companion piece to the BAFTA-winning The Politician’s Wife (both were written by Paula Milne), and follows the shifting balance of power in a marriage when a wife becomes more successful than her husband.

Tennant plays career politician Aiden Hoynes, a Senior Cabinet Minister whose political fortunes begin to wane just as the career of his wife Freya – a junior minister – starts to take off. Drama ensues.

The Bletchley Circle Premieres April 21 on PBS!

Critically acclaimed mystery series The Bletchley Circle is making its way to PBS stations around the country (ours included!) starting Sunday, April 21. The three-part series follows the lives of several women who were code-breakers at decryption facility Bletchley Park during World War II. The four returned to civilian life following the war, but are reunited when a string of ghastly murders baffles the police and presents the ladies with a different sort of deadly pattern to solve.

The drama stars South Riding’s Anna Maxwell Martin alongside Rachael Stirling, Sophie Rundle and SurvivorsJulie Graham (though I expect a lot of you will really recognize her from her guest appearance on Doc Martin).

Sound interesting? Watch the PBS preview for the new series below – which shows you a bit more about what the series is like.