'Hullraisers' to Return for More Hullraising with Season 2

Leah Brotherhead as Toni, Sinead Matthews as Paula, and Taj Atwal as Rana in a photo pinned to the wall in 'Hullraisers' Season 2

Leah Brotherhead as Toni, Sinead Matthews as Paula, and Taj Atwal as Rana in 'Hullraisers' Season 2

Sam Taylor/Channel 4

Most streaming services are pretty straightforward. Download the app, find all the shows in one place, and watch. A few are a little more complex Disney, for instance, has been prevented from putting Hulu under its main banner, Disney+, due to a longstanding deal where Comcast still owned a third of the service, a complication that ends in 2023. Hence the need to offer a "bundle" to viewers. Since Warner Brothers and Discovery merged, they attempted to do the same thing with their two apps, Max and Discovery+, but eagle-eyed viewers will note more Discovery+ content appears on Max every day, which should tell you exactly how well that's going. But then there's AMC Networks, which attempted to come at the whole thing completely differently by offering a half dozen niche services, from Acorn TV to Sundance Now.

As one can guess, that's not going all that well either. Some streaming services are doing ok, Acorn TV has a loyal viewership that predated AMC Networks purchasing it, for example, and AMC+ has done okay for itself. Others are struggling. IFC and Sundance Now were never as popular as cable channels, and taking them to streaming add-ons was a dicey proposition from the start. But the little group continues to float along, and considering there's BBC America in the mix, they do get some really great British TV, from This is Going to Hurt to Planet Earth III. They also take a chance on British comedies in a way that places like PBS never really have. This brings us to Hullraisers, the bawdy comedy about female friendship that debuted on IFC, Sundance Now, and AMC+ in the Spring of 2023 and is now premiering Season 2 in the U.K.

Here's the Season 2 synopsis:

The second series sees Toni and Craig’s family growing with baby no. 2 on the way, despite Toni’s denial. Paula and Dane are coming to terms with Ashley growing up and moving out, and Rana has her eyes opened by her mum, Nima, revealing the secret to hitting your absolute peak during your menopause years. Plus, there's the new love interest for Craig’s mum Gloria. The pair could not be more perfectly suited despite the 15-year age gap, but how will Craig deal with this new father figure in his life? 

Brotherhead, Matthews, and Atwal are once again joined by Yanick Ghanty (Bring On the Bollywood) as Paula's husband, Dane, and Perry Fitzpatrick (We Hunt Together) as Toni's partner, Craig. The series also co-stars Shobna Gulati (Doctor Who), Felicity Montagu (Beyond Paradise), Pippa Fulton (Emmerdale Farm)Natalie Davies (Aladdin & The Stolen Stories), Matilda Firth (Disenchanted), Oliver Turner and Jaylan Batten. Tom Bennett (Midsomer Murders) and Sam Swainsbury (Mum) join the cast as Gloria and Rana's new beaus, John Fox and Pickles, respectively.

Hullraisers Season 2 debuted on Channel 4's streaming All4 in October 2023 and is now airing on linear. It is expected to come to the States in 2024.


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