'Father Brown' Renewed for 2 More Seasons

Mark Williams, dressed in his Father Brown outfit, marks the beginning of filming Season 12 with the clapper

Mark Williams, dressed in his Father Brown outfit, marks the beginning of filming Season 12


It seems hard to believe that there was no long-running English-language adaptation of Father Brown until the BBC commissioned the Mark Williams-starrer in 2012. However, other than an Austrian series in the late 1960s and a German one in the early aughts, the only major series made prior to the 2012 one was in 1974, when the BBC celebrated the centenary of author G.K. Chesterton's birth with a single season, 13-episode run starring Kenneth More for TV and a companion radio series. The Chesterton series' popularity was never in doubt, though, as the books have maintained popularity ever since they were first published in the Edwardian era, to the point that characters in mystery stories from the 1920s to the 1970s have been seen reading them.

Nor has the BBC series popularity waned, despite the show having run over a decade and having long run out of material from Chesterton's original short stories and novels. Not only has the show run 11 seasons, but the introduction of the spinoff Sister Boniface Mysteries (based on a memorable but smalltime character who appeared exactly once in Father Brown's first season) has redoubled interest in the original show as well, with the rising tide of ratings lifting both boats. Sister Boniface made a surprise appearance in January 2024 in Father Brown Season 11 in a two-seasons-late backdoor pilot for her series, but no one seems to have minded much; instead, her third season, which debuts on BritBox on April 24, 2024, is merely more anticipated than before, while Father Brown has just been renewed for two more seasons by the BBC, taking it through Season 13 and 2026. 

The announcement of the double season pick-up came just as Season 12 filming got underway in the Cotswolds where Father Brown's fictional village of Kembleford is set.

Along with the first image from filming, the BBC released a brief Season 12 synopsis:

Following the exciting proposal at the end of series 11, the sleepy village of Kembleford is abuzz with good news as Mrs Devine and Chief Inspector Sullivan look forward to their upcoming wedding. But when a surprise visit from the father of the groom quickly throws preparations into turmoil, will they even make it to the church? 

With a medieval death at a Tudor battle re-enactment, Mrs Devine finding herself accused of murder, Sergeant Goodfellow’s professional future thrown into question and Brenda ballroom dancing on national television, Father Brown and the gang are busier than ever. And when a Cardinal from the Vatican arrives with a top-secret mission for Father Brown, the priest must request the help of his old adversary Flambeau, while a new nemesis lurks in the shadows…

Star Mark Williams is back as the titular Father Brown, the charismatic clergyman sleuth based on the classic character created by GK Chesterton, and put out a statement along with the first photo. “As we start the 12th season of Father Brown, I feel like I’m starting to get to know him. He’s a mysterious sort of bloke, the sort of person who you can never predict other than knowing he won’t do what you expect. The best thing about playing the character is that I am never, ever bored by him.” 

Williams will once again be joined by current series regulars Tom Chambers as Chief Inspector Sullivan, Claudie Blakley as Mrs Devine, Ruby-May Martinwood as Brenda, and John Burton as Sergeant Goodfellow. New cast members, including Father Brown's biggest fan, Father Lindsey, and a brand new nemesis, will be announced in due course.

Father Brown Season 12 is expected to debut on the BBC and BritBox in early 2025, with Season 13 to follow in 2026.


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