The 'Sister Boniface Mysteries' Season 3 Trailer Promises More Mystery Fun

Denis Lawson as Lincoln Leigh Varsey doesn't know Lorna Watson as Sister Boniface lurks behind him in the Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 3

Denis Lawson as Lincoln Leigh Varsey and Lorna Watson as Sister Boniface in the Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 3


BritBox announced last month that the good Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) would return for Season 3 of Sister Boniface Mysteries in April, as the most popular of the streaming service's spinoffs of long-running BBC series gears up for another round of mysteries. But it wasn't until Americans faced the last-minute filing of their taxes that the network graced us with a trailer as if it knew this was the moment when we all needed a good laugh the most. The cheeky nun and her Vespa have ridden up to solve a new round of murders while trying to teach those around her how to stop a murder when they see one. She's so servicey! No wonder they call her Boniface.... Sister Boniface. 

As hardcore fans will note, this is the latest Sister Boniface Mysteries has debuted on BritBox since the show arrived with Season 1 in February 2022. Season 2 arrived in March 2023, and now Season 3 lands at the very end of April 2024. This is partly due to Father Brown, which runs on BritBox from January until March. Season 1 wanted to overlap the parent show for support; Season 2 aired back to back with it. Season 3 gave fans a breather between the two shows, as it now can stand on its own two feet, having grown in popularity to the point of earning its own Festive Special, which streamed on BritBox in December 2023.

The new season will pick up just a few months after the fateful winter adventure in Great Slaughter, as the good Sister and her friends get back to work solving crimes in between her other godly duties. Check out the trailer.

Here's the synopsis for the show's forthcoming third season:

In Season 3, a famous organist is murdered mid-tune in the chapel, Great Slaughter’s first sci-fi convention results in a mysterious kidnapping, and a ‘dead cert’ at the screen tests for the new ‘Agent Best’ ends up, well… dead.  To top it all, Felix has a challenge of his own when his fiancée Victoria arrives from Bermuda with an ultimatum that could change everything…

Watson returns with the rest of the show's regular cast, including Max Brown (The Tudors) as Detective Inspector Sam Gillespie, Jerry Iwu (Sex Education) as Detective Sergeant Felix Livingstone, and Ami Metcalf (Nan) as Constable WPC Peggy Button. Guest stars for Season 3 that have been confirmed so far will include Luke Roberts (The Tourist) as Kingsley Markham and Denis Lawson (Victoria) as Lincoln Leigh Varsey. Series creator Jude Tindall is the head writer for Season 3's eight episodes, with Ian Barber as lead director. Executive producers include Stephen Nye, Will Trotter, Emily Powers, and Jonathan Karas for BritBox.

Sister Boniface Mysteries Season 3 will premiere on BritBox on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, with two episodes. It will follow a two-episode-a-week format for its four-week run.


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