The Season 2 Trailer for 'The Capture' is a Real-Life Warning

Picture shows Key Art for The Capture Season 2 starring Holliday Grainger and Paapa Essiedu

Holliday Grainger and Paapa Essiedu in 'The Capture' Season 2's key art 


The purpose of science fiction is to explore the paths of technology not yet taken or propose alternative universes where humanity has chosen different priorities. While the latter can make for comforting TV, either in the horrors avoided or utopias established, it's the former that's more worrisome. The Capture, a hit on the BBC in 2019, falls under the alarming heading, not because its deepfake technologies are necessarily dangerous. Still, because they exist right now, as shown, and should governments choose to use them, these stories are not just plausible but a warning.

Season 1 was an introduction of sorts. It began with a case where a court marshaled Lance Corporal, acquitted of war crimes after a personal body cam reveals him innocent, is then accused of abduction and murder. He is shown to have done it on camera, even though viewers know it never happened. The irony is that the footage in both cases was manipulated by a group trying to expose SO-15, a secret CGI deepfake operation within the intelligence community that manipulates video evidence to put away people for crimes they didn't commit. Though the suspect winds up going away from the crime he didn't commit instead of the one he did, justice is (kind of) served. 

But the big twist at the end of the season is the show's hero, DCI Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger), decides to work for this secret operation rather than expose them. Despite the horrificness of the argument, a bit of evidence manipulation to create a slamdunk case against those who mean harm is in the national interest; viewers are supposed to sympathize. Or are they? Is Carey joining the group because she believes they are right? Or is she going to take them down from within?

The trailer for Season 2 suggests it's the latter. 

Here's the synopsis for The Capture Season 2.

Britain is under siege: hacked news feeds, manipulated media, and interference in politics. Entrenched in the UK’s own ‘Correction’ unit, DCI Rachel Carey finds herself in the middle of a new conspiracy - with a new target. But how can she solve this case when she can’t even trust her closest colleagues? Escalating from the CCTV thriller of series one, the six-part run features 'invisible' assassins, the terrifying rise of deepfake technology, the ever-growing tension between government and Big Tech, and corruption at the heart of the British media.

As the trailer shows, this season will be about Carey looking into the case of young MP Isaac Turner (Paapa Essiedu), an up-and-comer, who finds that videos of him are suddenly cropping up, professing to be footage of him saying and doing things he never did. As his campaign spirals into crisis, the question becomes, who is doing this? Is Turner being set up? Or are these videos real? With the 2024 U.S. elections and the Parliamentary fiasco threatening a snap election in the U.K., this is a terrifying vision of things to come.

Grainger and Essiedu, are joined by the returning cast from Season 1, including Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy), Ben Miles (The Crown), Lia Williams (His Dark Materials), Cavan Clerkin (The Last Kingdom), Ginny Holder (Death In Paradise) and Nigel Lindsay (Victoria). The new cast includes Indira Varma (Game Of Thrones), Andy Nyman (Unforgotten), and Rob Yang (Succession).

All six episodes of The Capture Season 2 arrive on Peacock on Thursday, November 3, 2022.


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