‘The Paradise’ Season 2 Comes to America This September

US viewers: "The Paradise" is (finally!) back! (Photo: BBC)
US viewers: "The Paradise" is (finally!) back! (Photo: BBC)
So…there’s some good news and bad news for fans of period drama The Paradise.

I’m pretty sure that the number one question I get asked on the blog – regularly, repeatedly, and almost a year after Series 1 concluded in the US – is about The Paradise. When is Series 2 airing? How can we find it? Will there be a Series 3? What’s going on with all that?

Well, I can’t answer everything, but there is finally some news to share about the show’s US airdates and future prospects. Rejoice! 

First, the good news. A lot of fans are about to get their most-hoped for wish. Series 2 of the lavish department store-set romantic drama will finally screen in the US this September. Get out a big red marker and circle Sunday, September 28 on your calendar, the day that The Paradise Season 2 will officially begin on Masterpiece Classic. It’s even got a special timeslot this time around – episodes will be airing at 8pm, and will lead into the current Masterpiece Mystery offering (which I think is the new season of Miss Marple, at least to start with, but don’t quote me on that till I double check it.)

Anyway, yes. Sunday, September, 28. The Paradise. Series 2. It’s happening. It’s okay to start getting excited now.

The new season will pick up a year after the dramatic events depicted in Series 1. Katherine Glendenning has married Tom Weston (who will be played by the awesome Ben Daniels), a mysterious, brooding ex-military man. Katherine seems to be starting her life anew, but will buried passions draw her back to the past?  Meanwhile, Moray and Denise, still at the forefront of fashion and innovation, are plotting to regain The Paradise from Katherine and her husband -- whatever it costs.

Get a look at the orginal UK trailer for Series 2 below: 

Now, sadly, it’s time for the bad news. Enjoy Series 2 of The Paradise, because there won’t be a Series 3. The BBC made the decision to cancel the period drama earlier this year, after the second season completed airing in the UK. Though the series had respectable ratings generally, it was unfortunately never able to match the popularity of ITV’s similarly-themed drama Mr. Selfridge, and The Paradise was ultimately shelved to make new for new programs in the BBC’s production schedule.

“We are incredibly proud to have made two successful series of period drama The Paradise for BBC One”, a representative of the BBC said in a statement. “However in order to make room for new dramas to come through, The Paradise won’t be returning.”

Viewers did not seem incredibly happy about this news at the time, but as fans of television generally, I think we’ve all probably been here before. It’s terribly unfortunate, but try and console yourselves with the news that you’ll at least get to see Series 2 for yourselves here in the States!

Are you planning to return to The Paradise this Fall? 

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