One Month to New Doc Martin on WETA!

Yes, it’s official – we’re one month away from new Doc Martin! Yup, Series 5 starts on WETA beginning Saturday, April 28. Excited yet? (I am, though I’ve still got to get us through The Great Doc Martin (Re)Watch first. But, I am confident we can do it!).

To celebrate this momentous occasion, here are a few Series 5 goodies. Click through the jump for a look at the ITV promo for Series 5 that aired in the UK, as well as a couple newly released American promo photos. And then let the countdown to the new season begin!

Honestly, it’s a good thing I’d already spoiled myself for the fact that this whole Martin and Louisa baby plot exists, huh? I have no idea exactly how this particular plot twist comes about, but I’m quite curious. Anyway, the photos are exceptionally cute and while the trailer doesn’t exactly look like fatherhood has made Martin mellow, it should be incredibly interesting to see how he handles that kind of massive change in his life and whether or not it makes him rethink some things. We'll see!

[This video is no longer available.]




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