Offbeat Horror Comedy Series 'Wreck' Will Stream On Hulu In March

The ensemble cast of "Wreck"

The ensemble cast of "Wreck"

(Photo: BBC Three)

Streaming service Hulu has officially acquired the offbeat BBC Three horror comedy Wreck, a series with a truly wacky premise that's one part high school comedy, one relationship drama, and one part murder mystery where the killer is a murderous duck in a raincoat. While the phrase "horror comedy" may seem like something of an oxymoron, there's a surprisingly established tradition of it within the world of British entertainment. (Think Shaun of the Dead, Inside No. 9, or Crazyhead.) Wreck is just the latest entry in this genre, which takes its three extremely disparate elements and dumps them all in the locked room setting that is an extremely large, very expensive cruise ship.

Described as a thriller that mixes comedy with a slice of slasher, the six-part series follows the story of Jamie (Oscar Kennedy), a 19-year-old new recruit who joins the 3.000-strong crew of the MS Sacramentum in order to search for his missing sister. She worked aboard the same vessel on a previous tour but never made it home and Jamie's convinced something happened to her. But as he learns more about the various cliques and tribes among the ship's oblivious and frequently hard-partying staff, Jamie will be forced to turn detective and try to uncover the truth about the brutal murders that are taking place on board.

 To the surprise of what is likely no one, hijinks inevitably ensue. Along with a lot of snogging, some creative kills, and surprisingly well-integrated LGBT representation. (This seems important to note as it's almost always the marginalized characters that get bumped off first in scary movies.)

The series' description is pretty straightforward.

Welcome aboard the ship of nightmares. Searching for answers about his missing sister, Jamie joins the crew on a mysterious cruise liner. Conspiracy, comedy and a slice of slasher.

Alongside Kennedy (Ladhood), the series' cast also includes Thaddea Graham (The Irregulars), Jack Rowan (Noughts + Crosses), Harriet Webb (I May Destroy You), and Jodie Tyack (The Window). Other featured performers are Louis Boyer, Anthony Rickman, Amber Grappy, Diego Andres, Peter Claffey, Miya Ocego, Warren James Dunning, Ramanique Ahluwalia and Alice Nokes. 

The series is created and written by Ryan J. Brown and produced by Euston Films (Dublin Murders). It received mixed reviews from critics, but a strongly favorable audience response during its run in the U.K. last fall and has already been renewed for a second season.

Wreck will premiere on Hulu on March 1.

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